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Supination Insoles

Supination occurs when someone strikes the ground first with the inside of the foot to cause an uneven distribution of weight. As a result, under-pronation occurs as the foot fails to lean inward enough during movement, putting abnormal pressure on the smaller toes. Fortunately, for those who suffer from this condition, Orthotic Shop carries several supination insoles that have been uniquely designed and developed by footwear professionals to help alleviate some of the pain and promote a healthier, more confident stride. For more severe cases, we recommend purchasing a custom supination insole that will mold to the exact shape of your foot and help manage your unique alignment problems. All of our custom orthotics can be found here.

Supinating Foot

  SKU Product Our Price
CURREX-RP-M-XS Currex RunPro Insoles - Cushioning / Dynamic Running Shoe Inserts $49.95 (Save 17%)
955A2 Betterform Sportsole Full Length - Leather or Neoprene $29.95 (Save 25%)
BF-480-A Shearling Orthotic Insoles - Inserts for Slippers, Bearpaw, Uggs w/ Arch Support $29.95 (Save 25%)
PEDAG-187-36 Pedag VIVA Orthotic Insole for Low / Medium / High Arches - Semi-Rigid $29.98 (Save 40%)
DI-LIFESTEP-M5 DoctorInsole LifeStep - Unisex Custom-Grade Orthotic Shoe Inserts $49.50 (Save 59%)
SYNERGY-M1 Synergy Liquid Orthotics - massaging insoles $16.50
CURREX-WP-M-XS Currex WorkPro Insoles - Work Boot and Shoe Inserts ESD $54.95 (Save 15%)
CURREX-HP-M-XS Currex HikePro Insoles - Hiking / Boot Shoe Inserts $54.95 (Save 15%)
CURREX-CP-M-XS Currex CleatPro Insoles - Comfort and Stability for Tight Shoes $54.95 (Save 15%)
CURREX-AP-H-S Currex ActivePro Replacement Comfort Insoles $49.95 (Save 17%)
SCO-46-216-06 Spenco Total Support Thin Insoles $35.99 (Save 10%)
SCO-44-545-4 Spenco Women's Cushioned Q Factor Insoles $17.00