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The innovative negative heel design puts your heel slightly lower than your toes to mimic walking barefoot in the sand and naturally re-position your body over the frame. As a result, this improved motion betters posture and reduces joint stress.

Originally developed by Anne Kalso, a Danish yoga instructor, the “Earth Shoe” is inspired by a popular yoga position called the “mountain” pose. Rooted in the philosophy that nature should guide our foot arrangement for optimal wellness, the Earth Shoes and their pioneering design have gained quite a following as they help people across the world to surmount common foot conditions for a healthier gait. Orthotic Shop carries Earth Shoes products for women in both sandal and mary-jane styles, so you can merge podiatric benefits with attractiveness. If you’d like to keep it classic, Earth Shoes’ sandals are perfect for the warm summer weather because they’re breathable, sleek, seamlessly encourage a healthier posture and strive to reduce stress on the knees, ankles and feet. Plus, they’re uniquely stylish! Order Kalso Earth shoes from Orthotic Shop to receive top sales prices and free shipping.

Developed by famed yoga instructor Ann Kalso, Earth shoes are designed to have your heel rest slightly below your toes. This negative heel design mimics walking barefoot through sand, which promotes proper posture while reducing the strain put on your joints. Combining the nature-driven design with the latest in orthotic technology, Earth Shoes help you make it through the day comfortably. Earth Shoes come in a variety of sizes and styles, from casual slip-ons to formal low heel boots, making it easy to find a pair that complements any wardrobe. For a day at the shore, Earth Shoes popular sandals line is sure to keep your feet cool as you stroll along the boardwalk. Browse the entire selection of negative heel footwear by Earth Shoes at Orthotic Shop and find your next favorite, comfortable pair of shoes today!

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