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Orthofeet, Inc. was founded in 1984 by the Bar brothers, Aharon, a PhD in biomedical engineering, and Michael, a mechanical engineer.

During the first 15 years of its operation, Orthofeet developed and manufactured innovative orthotics that have been sold primarily to the orthopedic market.

Its patented custom-made orthotics are based on expandable foam, which molds directly to the foot, thus eliminating the step of taking a cast of the foot, and allowing instant fabrication on site. Orthofeet’s unique off-the-shelf orthotics are designed with a special moldable construction, which allows dynamic shaping to the contours of the foot for enhanced comfort and performance.

In 2000, Orthofeet introduced the Orthotics Shoe, a high-end line of depth shoes that combines attractive styling with innovative comfort features. Orthofeet has realized that it can substantially improve the shoe’s performance by adding a functional support to the bottom of the foot, a crucial feature, which was lacking in most shoes, including high-end comfort shoes. Using its expertise in foot biomechanics and orthotics design, Orthofeet has integrated in all of its shoes a customized orthotic, which provides precise support along with excellent cushioning. The combination of the orthotic support and the shoe’s other unique comfort features, such as relaxed fitting last, ergonomic sole, and soft padded lining, has resulted in an exceptional wearing experience and unsurpassed comfort.

Orthofeet products have already helped hundreds of thousands of customers, who have been seeking a high level of comfort and protection, and who have come to appreciate the company’s commitment to quality and performance. In addition, Orthofeet has always recognized the importance of quality customer service, and has devoted great efforts to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Orthofeet Ashville Men's Orthotic Slipper

2 Colors - 2 Widths

Orthofeet Ashville Men's Orthotic Slipper

Orthofeet Women's Mary Janes - Chickasaw

3 Widths Available

Orthofeet Women's Mary Janes - Chickasaw


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Since 1984, the Bar brothers have used their engineering experience to craft some of the most innovative orthopedic products to date, selling them under their iconic OrthoFeet Line. Specializing in creating comfortable diabetic shoes for both men and women, the company also offers extra roomy compression socks. Utilizing deep heels and adaptive foam technology, OrthoFeet shoes will mold to the unique contours of your feet giving them the fit of custom insoles without the lengthy manufacturing process. Their lightweight socks are spun from soft bamboo fibers to give your feet support while protecting from the blisters and irritations normal socks can cause. Orthotic Shop offers a broad range of Orthofeet socks, shoes and slippers, making it easy to find something that will match any style or comfort of almost anyone. Browse our selection of OrthoFeet products today and see why so many customers think of them as simply the best shoes for diabetics!