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InStride Orthopedic Shoes

Why InStride: From Payless to Painless

All orthopedic footwear designed and produced by this brand features the following outstanding qualities:

  • CFS - Custom Fit System: InStride shoes provide both a protective function as well as relief from regular footwear due to their ability to provide a more precise and comfortable fit which is made possible with a series of removable insoles providing the extra depth that allow InStride to fit even the most difficult feet with comfort beyond compare. This three-layered system allows users to accommodate all kinds of insoles or orthotics, should they be needed. All closures have been made to fit all types of arches and foot shapes, adapting even to the most complex foot conditions.
  • Instride Orthopedic Shoe Technology
  • High-quality Materials and Design: When combined with non-irritating seamless linings, slip-resistant outsoles, the latest in shock absorbing and cushioning technology, InStride shoes assure the best possible combination of high quality construction and good looking, contemporary styling for everyone. . InStride shoes are made with high quality full-grain leather, with Nubuc and Lycra style available with lace, strap or Velcro closures.
  • Variety : Most people who are looking for therapeutic footwear feel concerned with being stuck with unsightly shoes that are hard to combine. InStride however, offers a wide range of designs to appeal for all needs. With prices ranging from ~$150 to $200 and sizes ranging from 6.5 to 14, these shoes come in either black or brown in walking or casual styles, for both men and women.

Who should wear InStride Orthopedic Shoes?

InStride Shoes have been especially designed to meet the needs of patients who suffer from any or several of the following foot conditions:

  1. High Arches: This foot type is generally characterized by a high arch and a foot that rolls outward slightly. The muscles and tendons of this foot type tend to be tight and rigid meaning that the foot does not absorb shock well. This lack of shock absorption can cause implications through the foot and lower limb including achilles tendonitis and stress fractures.
  2. Bunions and Hammertoes: These conditions can become very painful, especially for those who spend long hours standing. Footwear width is a must when it comes to choosing the right shoes.
  3. Plantar Fascitis: Low arches are responsible for most cases. This is why proper arch support is imperative for effective prevention and treatment.
  4. Diabetics or anyone else who needs to use an orthotic insole. InStride shoes come with a removable double-depth insole that can be swapped out for any custom insole.

Because of the optimal blend between science and technology, InStride Shoes offers specialized, foot-friendly footwear that will help both prevent and alleviate the symptoms of most common foot conditions.


Instride Newport Stretch - Men's Mesh Orthopedic Shoes

2 Colors - 3 Widths

Instride Newport Stretch - Men's Mesh Orthopedic Shoes

$109.95 - 114.95
Instride Newport - Men's Leather Orthopedic Shoes

1 Colors - 3 Widths

Instride Newport - Men's Leather Orthopedic Shoes

$114.95 - 139.95

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Eight out of ten people claim to suffer from painful foot conditions. Specialists worldwide agree that wearing the right orthopedic footwear is one of the main pillars in both prevention and pain management.

Albeit true, this knowledge may present a challenge to the average person who is struggling to tell the difference between sheer advertising and a true therapeutic answer. Since finding the appropriate footwear is easier said than done, potential shoppers should take the time to do some research before actually purchasing their next pair of shoes.

Let's learn more about InStride Orthopedic Shoes and their products.

About the Company: InStride from Within

Created by a group of foot specialists, pedorthists and podiatrists, InStride Shoes offers a lot more than just a collection of comfortable shoes. This means that all products made by these specialists have been designed to prevent or improve painful or disabling conditions of the foot and ankle caused by disease such as diabetes, congenital defect, overuse or injury. However, many people may still wonder why anybody would need customized, perfect-fitting footwear and doubt about the extra costs this specialized footwear might bring on to their budgets.

Folks at InStride Shoes explain this need as follows: the presence of foot conditions, some of which may become chronic overtime, is more common than most people would care to admit. So much so, that suffering from constant pain becomes almost customary. The same happens with the inevitable –and costly- consequences triggered by the neglect of treatment. Only foot experts who have been professionally trained to tell the difference between therapeutic and non-therapeutic footwear are able to come up with the right design. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that a company such as InStride Shoes should offer the exact product for each condition.