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Telic Recovery Footwear

Telic sandals and slides are proudly made in the USA.

When you put a pair of Telic's on your feet feel instant relief from whatever stresses they have been experiencing! There is a lot of technology packed into Telic's footwear to give your feet the comfort they desire.

Anatomically Correct Footbed

Telic shoes are contoured to support the arches of your feet. These shoes have a deep heel cup with great medial arch and metatarsal support. A slight heel rocker offloads heel pressure and accentuates the arch support.

Novalon™ Material

Novalon™ is feather-light and pillow-soft. The unique blend of elaso-polymers provides exceptional cushioning, rebound, and elasticity. Telic shoes not only absorb shock, but they have a noticeable "bounce back" effect. The elasticity of the material provides a secure, snug fit for a wide variety of foot shapes.

Heat Activated

The material reacts with your body temperature, and you will feel the shoe conforming to your foot. The raised texture will soften and the shoe will feel like a natural extension of your feet.

Textured Footbed

Supportive, shock absorbing, and extremely lightweight; Telic footwear will make you feel like you are floating above the ground. The textured footbed has a gentle massaging effect, and helps wick away moisture while allowing a cooling air flow under the foot.


Impervious to water;they float, are non-porous, and machine washable


Telic Dream Orthotic Supportive Clogs - Unisex

2 Colors Available

Telic Dream Orthotic Supportive Clogs - Unisex

$45.00 - 69.00

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Telic Recovery Footwear Technology - Arch Support - Made in USA