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Custom made orthotics are arch supports made from a mold of your feet. To create the orthodics, we send out an impression kit to you to get an accurate mold of the foot. One of our orthotics labs will then scan the impression and create the orthotic insert based upon the options that you ordered. There are a wide variety of "custom orthotics" available. If you have narrow shoes, ski boots, dress shoes, order one of the dress orthotics.

Orthotic insoles are made by Amfit or Betterform. If you are having trouble figuring out which orthodic insole to get, please use our selection tool or fill out the contact form and we'll answer your questions.

Archcrafters Custom Insoles

Archcrafters custom insoles are made by Amfit and are great orthotics for those who have medium to high arches and for those who don't need any special orthotic adjustments.

Amfit Orthotics

Amfit makes the Archcrafters and has been producing custom orthotics since 1975. These orthotics are great for those who need special adjustments such as a heel lift, metatarsal pad or heel depression for heel spurs.

Betterform Orthotics

Betterform is a full-service orthotic lab providing the medical community with a complete range of custom and over-the-counter, prefabricated orthotics, diabetic/comfort shoes and foot care products for over 30 years. Betterform orthotics are made with a unique "betterform plastics" that is supportive and heat moldable for quick adjustments.

Orthotic Adjustments

If your health care provider suggests special adjustments for your orthotics, please order one of the Betterform or Amfit custom orthotics. We can not make any adjustments to the Archcrafters custom insoles. There is space to specify the adjustments desired on the questionnaire we send with the orthotics impression kit.

Want Additional Pairs of Orthotics?

If you already bought orthotics from us and want to get more, visit our re-order page page to learn how to take advantage of our discounts we offer repeat customers.

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