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Use a drop foot brace to help keep your toes in the air as a part of a doctor recommended therapy that is intended to strengthen the muscles in your leg and ankle. From light afo braces to night splints, we have the orthotics you need to prevent drop foot from determining what you can and cannot do.

Orthotics shop offers a variety of foot drop braces, splints, and supports to help you walk a little easier, or to protect your feet while you sleep at night. This ailment is a consequence of greater medical conditions, but an orthotic brace can help you manage the symptoms while you work with your physician to deal with the root cause.

Some common signs of Drop Foot include:

  • Numbness at the bottom of the leg and foot
  • Difficulty walking or pivoting
  • Toes drag on the ground while walking
  • Weakened muscles in your leg and foot
  • If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to consult your physician as can often be signs of a more serious condition. In the meantime, buy one of our many foot drop braces from brands like Ossur, Ovation Medical, Alimed and more.