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Heels & Wedges

It can be difficult and damaging when you walk in sky-high stilettos, so Orthotic Shop has carefully built a collection of the most comfortable heels. To help your feet get through the day without aches or blisters, our orthopedic heels are specially made to help with everything from bunions to flat feet and plantar fasciitis. Most of the shoes even have removable insoles to insert your custom orthotics! Along with our fine collection of heels, Orthotic Shop also carries a vast number of other types of women's dress shoes including comfortable wedges and stylish summertime sandals. Indulge in fashionable trends without sacrificing your wellbeing with our assortment of colorful, trendy and health-conscious heels. Nurture your feet and style with wedges, platform sandals and pumps from Cobb Hill, Olukai, Vionic and more.

  SKU Product Our Price
V-KIRRA-BLK-5 Vionic Rest Kirra - Women's Supportive Sandals $99.95
380HIGHTIDE-BLK-5 Vionic Pacific High Tide - Women's Platform Sandal $74.95
V-FARRA-BLKBLK-7 Vionic Rest Farra - Women's Supportive Sandals $62.50 (Save 31%)
V-RIOLIZARD-BLK-5 Vionic Pacific Rio - Women's Adjustable Platform Sandal $56.50 (Save 29%)
V-MIA-BLK-5 Vionic Madison Mia - Women's Block Heel Pump $97.50 (Save 30%)
389JOSIE-BLK-7 Vionic Kit Josie - Women's Heels with Arch Support $139.95
V-CALI-BLK-9 Vionic Port Cali - Women's Demi- Wedge Sandal $69.50 (Save 42%)
382SOLANA-BLK-8 Vionic Pep Solana - Women's modest block-stacked heel $84.50 (Save 40%)
V-TRIXIE-BLK-5 Vionic Trixie Women's Platform Sandal $119.50 (Save 20%)
V-TAWNY-BLK-5 Vionic Tawny Women's Wedge Sandal $149.95
V-CORALINA-BLK-5 Vionic Coralina Women's Supportive Wedge $119.95
V-PIPPA-BLK-5 Vionic Rest Pippa - Women's Supportive Sandals $68.50 (Save 31%)
V-HBONDI-SLV-10 Vionic Beach Bondi Wedge Women's Toe Post Sandal $49.95
V-MIAMI-BLK-5 Vionic Rest Miami - Women's Supportive Sandals $68.50 (Save 31%)
V-NAPLES-BLK-5 Vionic Pacific Naples - Women's Platform Sandal $99.95
V-ASTRIDII-BLK-5 Vionic Astrid Platform Comfort Sandal $149.95
V-PEPPER-MRLTSNK-10 Vionic Pepper Women's Wedge Slip-on Sandal $79.50 (Save 34%)
V-AINSLEIGH-BLK-6 Vionic Tulum Ainsleigh - Women's Wedge Sandal $91.50 (Save 35%)
V-ZAMAR-BLK-5 Vionic Zamar Women's Wedge Sandal $119.50 (Save 20%)
V-BLAIRE-BRNSNK-7.5 Vionic Perk Blaire - Women's Strappy Heel $91.50 (Save 35%)
602910WLEA-AYL-5 Earth Westport - Women's Supportive Sandal $54.95 (Save 39%)
V-MARIS-BLK-8-W Vionic Aruba Maris - Women's Wedge Sandal $79.50 (Save 34%)
V-MINNIE-CHRCL-5 Vionic Minnie Women's Kitten Heel $139.95
V-ANNA-BLK-5 Vionic Anna Closed Toe Wedge Sandal $139.95