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Looking for Orthotic Friendly Sandals? Meet Revere Shoes

Orthotic Friendly Sandals with Removable Insoles

For decades, people assumed that summer footwear was incompatible with orthotics. Therefore, finding comfortable orthotic-friendly shoes was only available during the cold seasons. Fortunately, by making use of the latest technologies, Revere has been able to develop orthotic-friendly summer footwear, too.

For one thing, these sandals offer removable foot beds to help those customers who need to wear customized orthotics. Also, because of the extra depth in each unit, a wide variety of orthotic devices can be inserted without this being detrimental to comfort or style.

In fact, a large number of customers have shared their positive experiences, particularly when it comes to fitting their customized orthotics into their Revere shoes. All Revere sandals and their designs allow for personalization. So much so, that many chiropractic patients have opted for hand-made orthotics that is specific to the shoe. The result is not only practical, but also attractive as the shoe and orthotic appear seamless and almost undetectable.

Learning about PFS

Standing for "Perfect Fit System", PFS is one of the main reasons that account for Revere's success. All Revere shoes have been endowed with the mechanical ability to adjust to each foot's size and arch height, which is essential if true comfort is to be achieved.

As for sandals, Revere strap extensions provide extra space (15mm) so that each individual can personalize the width fitting across the entire sandal range. This feature is highly valued by individuals who suffer from chronic conditions that cause foot swelling for example. In addition, pregnant women whose feet change in size and shape considerably during pregnancy can rest assured that the Revere sandal model they are getting will adapt according to their needs.

Learning about Revere

Quality in shoemaking has been made a priority by this company whose ultimate goal is the creation of comfort footwear. This explains why the brand has become well-known for the design and production of a wide range of products. Available in many countries worldwide, Revere shoes offer shoppers the chance to find orthotic friendly footwear that has removable insoles and is also stylish and top-quality.

Why are Revere Shoes Unique?

Chronic foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, or bunions know all too well just how uncomfortable the symptoms may be. Heel pain, soreness, back pain and swelling are unpleasant companions to live with on a daily basis.

It is precisely these symptoms what the creators of Revere shoes have in mind when designing their products. The sandals have been made to cater for the needs of the most demanding customer.

What makes Revere sandals stand out from the rest is that they have been designed by leading foot technology experts who make use of all available advances in order to achieve optimal adjustability to support all foot types.

Additionally, all materials are exclusively hand-picked and thoroughly tested by professional quality inspectors so as to ensure users are getting the very best quality in all aspects.

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Revere Tahiti Women's Backstrap Wedge Sandal Leopard

1 Widths Available

Revere Tahiti Women's Backstrap Wedge Sandal Leopard

$61.50 - 66.40 (save 34%)

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What about Looks

The old-age choice between style and comfort has been finally solved. Specialists at Revere have reached just the exact balance between these two priorities.

Offering many different styles of women sandals and even some men's ones, Revere shoes does more than just aim to satisfy most needs when it comes to dressing styles.

Without compromising comfort or quality, each model is completely different and has been carefully designed to appeal to all fashion tastes. Colorful and engaging, each style is named after a city and seems to capture the spirit of the place.

Whereas Monaco is classy, smart and is available in shiny silver, for instance; Geneva is romantic and feminine. Similarly, those customers looking for heavy-duty, all-day wear sandals that adapt to any dress style will find in the Florence or Capri models the perfect allies.

Men get their share in the variety as well as the three male models available for them are equally varied. Whereas Cairns is likely to appeal to the more traditional and elegant wearer, Cairo and Montana have been made to meet the demands of the active walker or the indefatigable sports fan.

Finally, finding orthotic friendly sandals needn't be a grudge anymore. Revere shoes offer customers the chance to feel comfortable, yet remain stylish.