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pedag® Shoe Insoles are hand made in Germany from natural materials, such as cotton, bamboo, leather, cork, silver ion, wool, shearling and other. During rigorous quality hand making process only water-based skin friendly adhesives are used, leathers are vegetable tanned and no solvents applied.

Environmentally Friendly Arch Supports

Pedag's packaging is environmentally friendly, and materials are responsibly sourced. pedag® shoe insoles are loved by our customers who often return to buy more.

As the largest German manufacturer of insoles and orthotics Pedag cares passionately about feet and makes products so you can enjoy life.


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pedag® International Corporate history of Schelchen GmbH

The brand pedag® stands for quality, eco-friendliness, sustainability, innovation and well-being. Since its establishment in 1955, Schelchen GmbH has been working on this reputation by making high quality insoles, orhtotics, shoe care products and shoe trees.

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Just four years after producing his first insole, Hartmut Schelchen started exporting pedag® products outside of Germany. In 1971, the demand for high-quality insoles and shoe care products had increased so much that the company had to leave the property in Berlin-Charlottenburg and move to larger premises in Berlin-Schöneberg. In 1975, the original brand name HS Schuhbedarf was changed to pedag® International. "pedag" is derived from the Latin word pedes, meaning foot.

Today people in more than 50 countries appreciate the quality products of Schelchen GmbH because of their high quality, the eco-friendly manufacturing processes as well as the highly professional and reliable collaboration with orthopedists (foot supports), chemists (shoe care) and other experts.

Today, Schelchen GmbH is located in Königs Wusterhausen in Brandenburg, about 30 minutes outside of the Berlin city center, where it keeps adding new chapters to the company's success story. Day by day, 170 employees are concerned with producing high-quality insoles, arch supports, heel cushions and other orthotics that contribute to maintaining foot health. To comply with our standards, every detail is important. From choosing the most appropriate materials and carefully bonding the single parts of the insole, to meticulously controlling the final product – every item is handmade and is the result of expertise and knowledge.

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