Elbow Braces

Elbow Braces

Sure, tennis elbow most commonly stems from overuse of the arm during racquet sports, but it can also be caused by any number of other common arm motions, like painting, using a knife, utilizing plumbing tools and so on. When you feel the pain, look to Orthotic Shop’s elbow brace collection for that much-needed relief. We’ve gathered a fine selection of Ossur products – from biomechanically-advanced tennis elbow braces to more preventative tennis elbow straps – that’ll surely aid in your recovery. Orthotic Shop has the most advanced elbow supports around, so you’ll be back out there in no time!


Dr. Comfort Vigor Women's Work Boots Black
Dr. Comfort Vigor Women's Work Boots Chestnut
2 Colors - 4 Widths

Dr. Comfort Vigor Women's Work Boots

Dr. Comfort Vigor Women's Work Boots. Dr. Comfort Vigor Women\'s Work Boots. An extremely light-weight, stylish hiker for your outdoor or indoor adventures. Available in a Velcro closure with a unique no-tie elastic lace.
$139.00 (save 20%)
Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace

Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Brace

The Ossur Innovator X Post-Op Elbow Support can be used for non-operative application, collateral ligament strains and ruptures and ulnar nerve transposition. May be used following early cast removal to stabilize fractures and post-operative immobilization. Using our proven patented technologies, the Innovator X (extending struts) represent a new standard in design.
$199.95 HALF PRICE!

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Tennis elbow is a common condition caused by a number of tasks outside of actually swinging a racquet; the most unassuming of arm gestures that involve bending this crucial joint can cause the condition, ultimately discouraging common sufferers from engaging in simple activities. The solution is an elbow brace that consistently supports the arm. Orthotic Shop is pleased to offer Ossur’s variety of post-op and tennis elbow support products that help to speed up recovery while preventing new pains. This celebrated brand incorporates breathable fabrics and strategic compression to secure, comfortable fits for the ultimate brace you won’t mind wearing hour after hour. Order an elbow brace of your own to sidestep pain today.