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Oofos Sandals, Clogs and Flip Flops

OOFOS is a revolutionary footwear company that designs products to effectively reduce step by step impact on the rest of the body. Slide into these recovery shoes after any athletic or physical activity and allow your feet the opportunity to heal and relax. Made with the brand’s signature, ground-breaking OOfoam technology, these foam-crafted flip flops and clogs will feel like you’re walking on clouds. Aside from the remarkable comfort, this material is also known for its ability to absorb shock, reduce walking fatigue and re-energize your feet after strenuous bouts of movement – running, hiking, skiing, jumping. Plus, the OOFOS recovery shoes are both waterproof and machine washable! Partake in the OOFOS experience from Orthotic Shop today and refresh your feet, or simply wear them day to day!

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OOFOS recovery shoes sandals and clogs are built using their patented OOfoam technology, and are designed to absorb the shock that walking can put on your soles and lower extremities. This will allow your feet to recuperate from injuries, rather than exasperate the problem. Plus, to compliment your active lifestyle, OOFOS shoes are all waterproof and machine washable. The slip-on design of OOFOS sandals, flip flips, and clogs mean that you won’t have to put any pressure on your sore muscles slipping putting them on. Plus, the breathable design will help to keep your feet cool even on those humid summer day. Available in a variety of eye catching colors, these recovery shoes from OOFOS are the perfect way to pamper your feet after a difficult workout or rehabilitation session. Feel like you’re walking on air and pick up a pair of OOFOS sandals or clogs.