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Low Arch Insoles

If you’re looking for relief from the daily pains and discomforts associated with flat feet or fallen arches, then you’ve come to the right place. Quite simply, Orthotic Shop’s expert staff takes pride in our selection of orthotics for flat feet. We know just how valuable and comforting the extra arch support can be for those with low arches, so our comprehensive selection features industry-leading brands such as Spenco and Redi-Thotics. Discover premium insoles for flat feet when you explore our collection and, as always, if you are unsatisfied with an Orthotic Shop product do not hesitate to return it for no extra cost.

  SKU Product Our Price
CURREX-RP-M-XS Currex RunPro Insoles - Cushioning / Dynamic Running Shoe Inserts $49.95 (Save 17%)
SOLE-A1-03 Sole Active Medium Insoles Responsive Softec Cushioning $39.50 (Save 12%)
BF-480-A Shearling Orthotic Insoles - Inserts for Slippers, Bearpaw, Uggs w/ Arch Support $29.95 (Save 25%)
955A2 Betterform Sportsole Full Length - Leather or Neoprene $29.95 (Save 25%)
RT0100-B Redi-Thotics Flex - Flexible Arch Supports $59.00
PS-PPLUS-A Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Metatarsal Pad Comfort Insole $39.25 (Save 16%)
SOLE-A2-03 Sole Active Thick Insoles - Ultra Cushioning $34.50 (Save 23%)
APEX-62000 Apex A-Wave Orthotics for Low, Medium, or High Arches $34.95 (Save 22%)
SCO-43-042-2 Spenco Rx Full Length Orthotic $31.49
SCO-43-158-5 Spenco Rx 3/4 Length Orthotic $26.99 (Save 4%)
SOLE-A1-M-05 Sole Active Medium with Met Pad - Cork Customizable Orthotic $34.50 (Save 31%)
SOLE-A2-M-03 Sole Active Thick with Met Pad - Cork Customizable Orthotic $19.50 (Save 61%)
SOLE-A0-04 Sole Active Thin - Sports / Dress Shoe Insoles $39.50 (Save 12%)
SCO-43-307-1 Spenco Rx Thinsole Full Length Orthotic $24.50
SCO-43-240-3 Spenco Rx Thinsole 3/4 Length Orthotic $26.99
PS-MEMORY-A Powerstep Memory Foam Comfort Insoles $47.15 (Save 14%)
CURREX-WP-M-XS Currex WorkPro Insoles - Work Boot and Shoe Inserts ESD $54.95 (Save 15%)
CURREX-HP-M-XS Currex HikePro Insoles - Hiking / Boot Shoe Inserts $54.95 (Save 15%)
CURREX-AP-H-S Currex ActivePro Replacement Comfort Insoles $49.95 (Save 17%)
CURREX-EP-M-S CurrexSole EdgePro Insoles for Ski, Hiking, Golf $59.95
SYNERGY-M1 Synergy Liquid Orthotics - massaging insoles $16.50