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Extra Wide Socks

Extra Wide Socks

Extra Wide Sock Company makes socks for those with wide feet who need soft, stretchy, comfortable socks that won't leave marks on the feet or legs. The socks are designed to stretch wide and stay up on any leg size. These make ideal socks for Diabetics. They are non-binding socks and can provide a comfortable solution to people suffering from edema or circulatory problems.

About Extra Wide Socks

Are your socks too tight? Are they hard to put on? Do you have to cut the top of the socks to create more room? Extra Wide Sock Company has a solution for this! Their socks are knit on specially designed machines engineered to make the socks wide in the foot ankle and the leg and still stay up. They have athletic socks, dress socks and medical socks. They're all made in the USA. They are conquering the wide world two feet at a time.

Loose Fit Stay Up Socks are for medium to wide feet. Easy on and off-stretches up to 23 inches in the leg-ring toe design for a seam-free feel -cushioned sole for added comfort and reduces impact -comes in cotton and Marino wool.
Athletic Socks Designed specifically for Wide feet. They are wide in the foot, ankle, and leg. Stretches up to 25 inches, Non-binding and stays up.
Medical Socks Seam free (inverted), Non-binding, stretches up to 25 inches, these are great for diabetics or anyone with swollen foot,ankle, calves, can be used to put over a cast. Non-constricting, contains microban.
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Available in Crew and Ankle (Quarter) Length

Extra Wide Socks are Available in both Crew and Ankle length

These socks really stretch to fit all calve sizes!

These Socks really stretch - up to 25 inches.

Ankle Length Extra Wide Sock
Mid-calve Crew Length Extra Wide Sock

Who Wears Extra Wide Socks?

Some of the conditions may be medically related, such as Diabetes. Many of the Extra Wide Sock customers are diabetics and as a result have very swollen feet and ankles. This sock proves to be the only sock that can be comfortably worn by diabetics and will not cut off the circulation of blood.

Some of Extra Wide Sock customers run into a problem where they have to wear a brace over their foot and ankle. This product allows them to wear a sock that will comfortably stretch to cover both their foot and the brace.

These unbelievable socks are not only worn for medical reasons. In fact a large number of Extra Wide Sock customers simply have very wide feet and ankles, thus having the problem of normal socks cutting off their circulation. This sock is perfect for those individuals with large feet! Most importantly these socks will provide all of the above mentioned points while maintaining its quality and elasticity.