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Currex Insoles are designed by German sports scientists to instantly improve all types of shoes. Currex Shoe Inserts deliver more comfort and support, increase performance and reduce pressure which leads to less body fatigue and can actually help users avoid many common injuries. Currex has been the leading provider of aftermarket insoles in Europe and are quickly becoming the preferred brand in North America.

There are several reasons CURREX insoles are unique but the main two are their patented Dynamic Arch Technology, or DAT, and how they’re customizable for different arches.

Currex Insoles Schematic / Benefits

DAT engages the muscles of the foot and works in natural synergy with it. It’s a flexible arch with the right amount of rigidity which creates extreme sensory stimulation and midfoot guidance on impact. Then, when released, it returns the stored energy to the foot. This stimulation reduces stress on joints, ligaments and tendons to help avoid injuries.


The other main difference that sets CURREX apart is how they’re customizable. Every type of CURREX insole is made in three different arch profiles – high, medium and low. The correct arch profile is combined with the user’s leg axis to find the perfect insoles to keep the foot in its optimal biomechanical position and reduce excessive foot motion within the shoe.

Currex Sizing Guide

CURREX insoles work better than other insoles because they are customized to your particular arch type and knee alignment. Combine your arch type with your knee alignment and you'll know which type of CURREX insole is right for you.

Not sure of your arch type? A simple test with water and paper or cardboard can help you determine if you arch is high, medium, low or flat. We call it the Wet Feet Test. Simply wet one foot and stand on a piece of paper or cardboard placed on a hard surface; repeat with other foot. Then compare the wet footprint with the arch types below.

Currex Insoles Sizing Step One - Find your arch type
Currex Insoles Sizing Step two - check your knee alignment
Currex Insoles Sizing Steps Three and Four - Using Arch, Knee Type and Shoe Size.