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Spenco Insoles & Sandals

Spenco Insoles and Flip Flops are extremely popular products that provide arch support. Spenco insoles improve overall foot comfort. They provide great arch support at extremely competitive pricing. Podiatrists routinely recommend Spenco inserts for alleviating plantar fasciitis pain. The "Spenco Polysorb Total Support" sandals provide total support and are great for taking arch support with you to the beach or for just wearing around the house. The Spenco arch support sandals are priced nice and will sure please your feet!

Spenco Insoles & Arch Supports

Spenco insoles & "Arch Supports" are often recommended by foot care professionals and have a long history of providing your feet with the arch support & comfort they deserve. We carry Spenco Polysorb, Total Support, Spenco RX, Spenco for Her, and Spenco Kid's Arch Supports. Most of them ship free to you, the same day you order.

Spenco Total Support Sandals

Spenco sandals let you take the support you get from Spenco insoles with you in the summer!  They are also great for lounging around the house or going somewhere where you don't want to bother with putting shoes on, e.g., getting the mail. The Total Support Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation. Spenco sandals are shipped free via 2-3 day USPS priority mail!

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Make sure your feet enjoy warmer weather as much as you do with Spenco flip-flops, sandals and orthotic insoles. The deep heel cup and firm arch support make them an ideal choice if you’re suffering for Plantar Fasciitis or could benefit from proper alignment during a long run or invigorating workout. Rest assured that finding a pair of Spenco orthotic sandals or flip-flops doesn’t mean that you have to give up on fashion; this manufacturer offers a range of attractive and colorful designs, all which are versatile enough to wear in a variety of different settings. Plus, the athletic insoles will empower you to uninterruptedly perform your best throughout the day, unencumbered by common aches and pains. Slide your feet into Spenco flip flops and sandals, affordably sold at Orthotic Shop.