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Betterform, Inc. is a full-service orthotic lab providing the medical community with a complete range of custom and over-the-counter, prefabricated orthotics, diabetic/comfort shoes and foot care products. For over 25 years, Betterform orthotics have been helping individuals alleviate pain and discomfort from a multitude of common and chronic foot conditions. This dedication to consumer well-being and professional efficiency has solidified them as an industry leader intent on orthopedic innovation and compassion.

Orthotic Shop is proud to carry a number of technologically advanced Betterform products including: custom-made orthotics, heel cups, arch pain relief products, overpronation remedies and heel lifts. You will also find special dress shoe and athletic orthotics, so your feet can experience maximum support no matter where your feet take you.

So how can the Betterform orthotic inserts improve your overall podiatric wellness? For starters, the health products can lessen the impact felt by your heels and legs as you take hundreds or thousands of steps throughout the day. Furthermore, Betterform inserts can provide structural reinforcement to your arches to prevent injuries, fatigue and the worsening of conditions like plantar fasciitis. Orthotic Shop even has heel lifts to aid in evening leg lengths and/or tight Achilles tendons. Check out our full online assortment to find the Betterform orthotics to invigorate your movement, feet and body.

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Women's Dress Shoe Orthotic

Women's Dress Shoe Orthotic

$33.95 (save 32%)
Heel Wedges

Heel Wedges


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Betterform has been providing foot support to individuals for a quarter of a century, and has mastered solutions for heel, arch and foot pain. By providing a number of technologically advanced products, this brand fits all your foot health needs with custom made insoles, heel lifts, arch assistants, sports orthotics and more. Betterform orthotic inserts can turn any shoe into a podiatric-enriched shoe by providing comfort and support; this includes special insoles for dress and athletic shoes to provide an array of options for individuals. Prepare your feet for whatever your next adventure is with Betterform orthopedic products today.