Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles

Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles

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Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles
Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles Footprinter system Top covers EVA densities
Archcrafters Custom Comfort Walking Insoles - medium density for cushioning & arch support - micro cell top cover provides shock absorption. $119.95 at the Orthotic Shop

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Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles

The Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles are the perfect choice for people who either walk all day, or just walk for exercise. The custom orthotics medium density insole provides you just the right amount of cushioning for proper arch support, and incredible comfort. the shoe inserts are topped with a micro cell material made for absorbing shock and a solid return of material with every step.

Order Fulfillment Process / Delivery Time

  1. You order the orthotics.
  2. We ship you the materials to create an impression of your foot (instructions, impression kit, questionnaire, return shipping label).
  3. You fill out the questionnaire and follow the instructions to create impressions of your feet.
  4. Make a trace of your shoe's insoles, old orthotics, or foot on the back of the questionnaire so can determine the length and width for your new pair.
  5. You seal the impression kit with provided shipping tape & affix the provided return postage label to the box.
  6. You then hand the impression kit to your local postman or post office.
  7. We receive the impression of your feet.
  8. The orthotics lab creates the finished orthotics.
  9. Finally, the orthotics are shipped to you.

Delivery of custom insoles usually takes 10-14 days after getting the foam impression kit back from you. Shipping is ~$12.95 for Continental US.

Features of the Archcrafters Walking Custom Comfort Insoles

  • Medium density-EVA
  • Micro cell puff top cover - Excellent shock-absorbing qualities with a solid return of material with each step. Great for walking. 2mm
  • 2 mm thickness
  • Full Length cover
  • Money back guarantee 
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Difference between these & Amfit Custom Made Orthotics

These insoles cannot be modified. If you need a heel lift, metarsal pad, heel depression, etc. then take a look at the orther "Custom Orthotics" that we sell.

Orthotic Material

The insole is individually machined out of specially tailored densities of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This material is commonly used in the mid-soles of athletic shoes. It is comfortable and very resistant to breakdown. We top off this foundation with a variety of topping materials, see picture and table below. Each finished insole is hand sanded to fit into the desired shoe.

Use / Types of Shoes

You can use in all type of activities after fully broken in, which usually takes about 2 weeks. 

Any shoe with a removable insole will work just fine. Please remove the original insole and replace it with the finished orthotic. Some shoes without removable insole will work as well. This device can be used in a shoe without a removable insole.

The things to be aware of for shoe without a removable insole are:

  • The interior of the shoe should be relatively flat.
  • The orthotic you order should be 3/4 length.
  • The design of the shoe should be such that it does not deform the finished insole. A good example of this would be a high heel pump with a dramatic curve to the arch. This will deform the finished insole and not be comfortable.

Foot Sizes

The impression kit accommodates feet up to 13.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide.

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Jun 4, 2012

Archcrafters walking custom insoles So far, I really find the Archcrafters orthotics very comfortable. They did take a few days to get used to. I tried some of the heat moldable orthotics but never felt right. Not as durable as my other orthotics, which seem to be made with carbon fiber, but a much more affordable price! Fast delivery of the box to make the mold, simple to do, and about 2 weeks to get them.

Advantages: Size: Runs True to Size.
Shoe Width: Runs True to Size.
Would buy again.
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Dec 21, 2012

very pleased After buying at least 5 orthotics at pharmacies, none of them suiting my feet, I found this website, ordered the forms, sent them in and about 10 days later received orthotics that within days relieved the pain I'd had for weeks. And when these wear out...I'll be back for more.

Advantages: Size: Runs True to Size.
Shoe Width: Runs True to Size.
Would buy again.
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