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Sole Heat-Moldable Insoles and Supportive Sandals

SOLE makes heat-moldable orthotics, sandals with arch supportive orthotic footbeds and socks. SOLE's orthotics can either be wear-molded (they mold to your feet over time) or you can heat them up in the oven! Their sandals feature footbeds that conform your feet over time!

SOLE products are often recommended by podiatrists to help relieve arch or heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis. SOLE's goal is to make their footwear your favorite! SOLE works hard to ensure your feet like their products.

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SOLE Custom Footbed Anatomy

  1. Moisture Wicking Top Sheet
    Increases breathability and comfort where your foot contacts the footbed.
  2. Softec Cushioning Layer
    Superior open-cell foam technology provides industry-leading shock absorption and comfort. (on all footbeds except 'thin' styles)
  3. Deep Heel Cup
    Encourages the heel's natural cushioning and helps prevent lateral movement.
  4. Accomodative Arch Support
    Personalized support prevents arches from collapsing while allowing the foot to move naturally.
  5. Moldable Base Layer
    Adapts to your foot without compromising the orthopedic shape.
SOLE Custom Insoles Diagram

View SOLE Insole Molding Instructions for more infomation on how to customize SOLE footbeds.

Recommended by podiatrists for their simple at-home orthopedic solutions, Sole made a name for themselves by producing moldable orthotics. Using your natural body heat (or an oven), these inserts will conform to the unique contours of your feet and arches, giving you the benefits of custom orthopedics for a fraction of the price. These sole-supporting orthotics are popular with runners, as well as everyday workers who are looking to make their favorite shoes more comfortable.

Headed to the beach? Sole flip flops and sandals will provide the same arch support their orthotic inserts are famous for in a fashionable open-toed design perfect for those warmer days. Available in a variety of fashionable styles for men and women, this summer footwear is the perfect way to keep you comfortable on the beach until long after the sun has set. Featuring the same heat moldable technology as their insoles, Sole flip flops and sandals will only become more comfortable over time. Pick up your pair today from Orthotic Shop!