Runner feet. Running couple closeup of running shoes. Woman bareThis summer is showing that many people are attempting to get healthier, regardless of how much they’d rather stay home watching Netflix. In fact, many have taken to their sidewalks, tracks, and gyms, running more than they have before. Unfortunately, many of these people purchase the first pair of running shoes they see and end up with incredibly sore feet. This tends to keep people from continually running and working out. This blog is going to help you avoid this pain and give you some tips on how to choose the perfect running shoes.

Don’t Fall For The TV Advertisements

Advertisements have one aim and one aim only – getting you to purchase their particular shoe. Advertisements don’t consider what type of foot you have or any other medical issues you may have that impacts your feet. Before purchasing any major name brand shoe, consider what your foot type is and make sure to look into whether or not the shoe will be best for you. Research is your best defense against purchasing shoes that can cause you significant foot, knee, hip, and back pain. You can find a number of orthopedic running shoes that will work perfectly for you and keep you feet from being in pain and feeling worn out, helping you continue to run and get healthy. 

Are You Running On Roads Or Trails?

Before purchasing any shoes, whether orthopedic or not, you will need to make sure you know where you will be taking them. What we mean is that you need to decide whether you will be running on roads and sidewalks or trails? This matters significantly in what type of shoe you will need in order to keep your feet from being tired or sore.

Running shoes for pavement, and occasional runs on tightly packed surfaces are made to be lighter and more flexible. These will stabilize your feet as you continually run on hard surfaces and will provide cushion, keeping pain from forming in your feet or further up to your knees, hips, and back.

Running shoes for trails are enhanced for optimal performance and protection when going onto uneven, off-road routes. These shoes will make sure that you do not have significant pain due to lack of support or that you will not become easily injured. These shoes are fortified and give incredible stability and support, as well as protection for the underneath portion of your feet.  

Get Measurements Of Your Feet

Always get measurements of your feet. We aren’t referring to just knowing the shoe size you will need. You need to make sure you have shoes that fit the width of your foot, as well. Don’t get shoes that feel too tight, but also stay away from shoes that are quite loose. (You can usually get a half size from the majority of retailers if need be.) Always try on the shoes before purchasing them and make sure you understand the retailer’s return policy so that you know if you can bring the shoes back if they do not work. In addition, it is wise to know what type of arch support you will need. You need to know if you have a high arch, normal arch, or low arch, as well as whether or not you have flat feet. You can get your feet measured correctly at a few stores, and you can even request to get a foot measurement from your doctor. 

Never Run In Shoes That Hurt

One of the most important things regarding choosing the perfect running shoes is that you stop running in whichever shoe you’ve chosen if it starts to hurt. The shoes may not hurt when you try them on, and they might not hurt just by walking around in them. You may notice pain once you start running or a little while into your run. If this happens, slow down to a walk. When you return to the locker room or home, take the shoes off and return them to the store if possible. Try on some other shoes until you find the right ones for you. 

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