Feet MassagePlantar Fasciitis is a painful foot condition that impacts several people. You may first notice the symptoms in the morning as you attempt to walk, which will lead you to see your doctor. When you receive a diagnosis, it is time to seek various treatments, but how do you treat Plantar Fasciitis? This blog is going to explore a few things that you can do yourself to ease pain and treat this condition from home. 

Rest Your Feet Regularly

One of the best treatments for many foot conditions is regularlyresting. The constant walking and standing on your feet can make the pain or condition worse. If you are on your feet for long periods of time, make sure to sit down for about 15 to 30 minutes and put your feet up. If you are able to, you can even slowly massage your feet while you are resting them. This will relieve pain and make it easier for you to walk when you have to get back up. 

Use Ice or NSAIDs to Reduce Swelling

Swelling makes this condition difficult and painful to deal with most of the time. A great way to combat the swelling is to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or use an ice pack or cold items. Always use ice and not heat because heat can aggravate the condition and make it worse. If you decide you want to try heat, always make sure to end the treatment with 15 minutes of ice on your foot. A great suggestion for a massage while putting ice on your foot is to freeze water in a water bottle and then roll your foot over it. This will massage out the pain while applying cold to the problem area helping to eliminate swelling. You can also freeze a golf ball and use it the same way. This tends to target the fascia much easier than a water bottle.

It is important to remember that when using NSAIDs, always make sure to talk to your doctor about the safety of their use for you and if he, or she has any other suggestions regarding medication. 

Wear Orthopedic Shoes to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

A great treatment for Plantar Fasciitis, as well as a number of feet, leg, and back conditions is wearing orthopedic shoes. There are many shoes that treat Plantar Fasciitis and will keep your feet pain free. The right kind of shoe is perfect for anyone whether they have this condition or not, but it is especially important if you are in constant pain and unable to walk in the morning. You may even find that purchasing custom orthotic shoes will be the way to go for you as these shoes will be made specifically for your feet and needs. You can also get a night splint to keep the Plantar Fasciitis from making it difficult to walk in the morning. 

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Are Helpful

If you do not want to buy orthotic shoes or find that you do not need any, you can always buy orthotic insoles that are made specifically for Plantar Fasciitis. It is important that you never buy just regular insoles from the store because they may not be what you need, and many do not offer the correct amount of support. Store bought insoles are quite similar to the way shoes are made, which is without the customer’s health and comfort in mind. Orthopedic insoles are made with both in mind and aim to keep your foot pain down, especially when it comes to Plantar Fasciitis. 

Stretches and Exercises

Stretching and exercising are yet other wonderful ways to ease pain and treat Plantar Fasciitis. There are a number of stretches you can do, many of which involve calf and ankle stretches. The key thing to remember every time you stretch is to not go too far. If you start feeling pain instead of the normal sensation of stretching, then you will need to stop and not stretch as far. You will make your condition worse if you push through the pain.

The Orthotic Shop understands how painful Plantar Fasciitis is, but we want to help you treat it as best as possible. Take a look around our shop to see all of the wonderful shoes we have that help to treat Plantar Fasciitis and purchase some today!