shutterstock_227890447We just shared some excellent tips to prepare you for winter and winter footwear. Now, while winter is still a few months off, we want to help you get ready for it with some excellent winter foot care tips.

No matter if it is your favorite season or if you’re one who longs for the heat to come back, taking care of your feet is something you may overlook.

Just like the rest of your skin and your body, your feet need extra special attention in the cold, dry months. What are some things you can do? We take a look and help you get ready with some awesome winter foot care tips.

5 Excellent Winter Foot Care Tips

Following these tips can help the winter go by easily, helping you enjoy each aspect of it including your favorite holidays!

  1. Wear Cotton or Wool Socks

Obviously one of the hardest parts about winter is the cold weather. Some of us love it and some of us don’t. Regardless, that colder, drier weather means many complications including cold feet.

You don’t want to suffer from pain due to cold feet, and your significant other will also greatly appreciate if you don’t accidentally brush your ice cold feet against them. The best way to keep your toes warm is to wear cotton or wool socks.

This goes for when you’re inside as well as when you’re out and about in the winter weather. 

  1. Have Orthotic House Slippers

A great part of the winter months is getting to wear your favorite house slippers. However, they might not be the best for your feet and body due to lack of support.

You can easily still enjoy warm house shoes by purchasing orthotic slippers that will keep your feet comfortable in every way. You will also notice that your back pain is minimal if not gone when you wear orthotic house slippers instead of regular ones. 

  1. Keep Your Skin Healthy

You should also focus on keeping your skin healthy. This goes for your face, arms, legs, and yes, even your feet.

A great tip for winter foot care is to wash your feet to ensure they are clean and moisturize them often. This will help keep your skin from drying out, keeping it healthy and avoid breakage.

Dry skin is a major problem during the winter, but simply using moisturizer and even drinking extra water can help keep your skin nice, soft, and healthy. 

  1. Keep Feet and Winter Footwear Dry

It is hard to keep your feet and shoes dry when there is snow on the ground. However, wearing winter snow boots will help you keep your feet dry.

After you’ve been out in the winter weather, make sure that you dry your winter footwear. You can put them near a fan to help speed up the drying process. Don’t wear the shoes again until they are dry.


  1. Heating Pads Can Keep Your Feet Warm

Even when you wear cotton or wool socks, your feet might still get cold. An awesome winter foot care tip is simply to use heating pads to keep your feet warm.

If you find that they are getting colder, don’t let them get so cold that your feet start aching. Instead, pop on the heating pad, stick your feet under it, and relax as you start to feel nice and toasty again. 

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