care for beautiful woman bodyIt is important to take care of your feet no matter what, but if you have diabetes, diabetic foot care is even more important. You need to engage in proper diabetic foot care in order to make sure your feet are healthy and safe. By taking care of your feet, you will be able to notice if something strange is happening such as new sores or losing feeling, which can help either save your feet or even your life. Let’s take a look at why diabetic foot care is vital for you and how you can engage in proper care for your feet.


Why is Diabetic Foot Care Important?

Diabetic foot care is important because your feet are susceptible to more problems if you have diabetes. You can have nerve damage from high blood sugar or infections from sores and blisters. Sometimes, these can all lead to amputation of your feet or even lower legs, but if you engage in proper blood sugar maintenance and foot care, you can help keep your feet healthy and safe.


5 Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

Now that you know a brief synopsis as to why diabetic foot care is important, let’s take a look at how you can take care of your feet.


  1. Wash Your Feet Daily

A great way to engage in proper diabetic foot care is to wash your feet daily. This will help remove dead skin that can form calluses, as well as all bacteria you picked up throughout the day. This will also help you check your feet every day for any odd changes. By doing this, you will be able to notice problems quickly before they become too serious. Consider washing your feet in the evening at a time that you will remember such as before or after dinner. You can also check your feet each morning just in case you were unable to wash your feet. Get in a routine of both for proper diabetic foot care.


  1. Seek Medical Help if You Notice Any New Sores or Blisters

If you notice any problems while washing your feet or checking them, then seek medical help quickly. Call your doctor as soon as his or her office opens to get an appointment as soon as possible. If you are very concerned, you can go to urgent care clinics.


  1. Wear Compression Socks and Diabetic Shoes

You will find that your doctor might want you to wear specific socks or shoes for great diabetic foot care. These socks and shoes are specially made for diabetics with their foot health in mind. You can get compression socks to help promote blood flow through your feet, and diabetic shoes will help give your feet the protection and support they need. If you need compression socks or diabetic shoes, make sure your doctor helps you choose the best ones for you. You can even get custom diabetic shoes for the best care of your feet. However, this will depend on what your doctor believes you need.


  1. Take Care of Toenails Constantly

You should also take care of your toenails regularly to ensure you have proper diabetic foot care practices. Toenail fungus can be a major problem for diabetics as can long nails. If your toenails are long, there is a higher chance that you will cut your foot, which can cause infection and more problems for your feet. Avoid this by regularly cleaning and trimming them. Consider doing this during your daily foot checks.


  1. Workout Adequately for Your Health and Feet

Working out is a great way to engage in diabetic foot care. This will keep your whole body healthy, which will help keep your feet healthy as well. Make sure you ask your doctor before starting a workout routine to make sure you are healthy enough for that particular routine. If your doctor thinks you should do something different, he or she will give you great suggestions.


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