iStock_000036089504_Small (1)Podiatrists are doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating specific foot conditions. If you have pain in your feet, your first step is to head to your general doctor. If they feel that the condition could be serious, it’s likely that they’ll refer you to a podiatrist. Sometimes, this might confuse the patient, but going to a specialist increases the likelihood that you’ll receive the proper treatment. As you have read in the past, it is important to see a podiatrist, but you may be wondering what you should to do prepare for your appointment. This blog is going to look at a few tips to help you get ready for your appointment and ease any worries you may have.

  1. What Conditions Does a Podiatrist Treat?

Podiatrists specialize in foot conditions, but this doesn’t mean that they’ll only work with you if you require surgery or other serious measures. Some of these conditions include plantar fasciitis, warts, skin conditions, hammertoe, and many others.

Due to insurance purposes, you may need to see your primary care doctor for a referral, and many will refer you for all of these conditions to ensure you get proper care. 

  1. Do You Need a Pedicure When You See a Podiatrist?

Many people worry that they need to get a pedicure before they see a podiatrist. Several are ashamed of their feet, but you do not need to feel this way. The podiatrist needs to see your feet as they usually are to help ascertain what condition you have. You also do not need to do things like shave your legs. If you do need to shave due to surgery, the doctor will take care of that. Again, when you see a podiatrist, they will not be focused on cosmetic things like pedicures or shaved legs, but will focus on the problem at hand. 

  1. Keep Your Toenails Nail Polish Free for Your Visit

If you’re having problems with your toes or toenails, wearing nail polish on them might hinder the doctor’s tests. Make sure you do not put on nail polish before you see a podiatrist. If you already have some on your nails, take it off before your appointment. 

  1. Keep Extensive Notes of Your Problem

Most patients will only go to a doctor once their symptoms reach a point where they are harder to manage day by day. While it’s true that many conditions do work themselves out over time, if you’re suffering from something more serious, waiting to go in means that the podiatrist is missing the progression of your symptoms. Because of this, it is a great idea to keep a log of your symptoms and problems before you see a podiatrist. You can get a specific journal to keep notes, or use your smartphone or tablet. Just be sure to bring it with you to give the doctor. He or she will write it down in your chart and take all symptoms into consideration to help formulate a diagnosis and proper treatment. 

  1. Ask Questions!

With the Internet, we all end up researching our problems. After we do this, we always have more questions than answers. When you see a podiatrist, do not hesitate to ask these questions. Some people are embarrassed to because they got the information from the web, but this can help you know your condition and stay informed. While many people think these questions annoy doctors, they do not. All doctors, whether podiatrists, surgeons, or primary care doctors are always open to being asked questions and help you understand your condition. In fact, some of your questions could even help your doctor learn what your condition may be. 

  1. Expect to Purchase Orthotic Shoes

When you see a podiatrist, you may be told that you will need orthotic shoes. The doctor will tell you if you simply need to purchase regular orthotic shoes from an orthotic shop, or that you will need custom shoes if your conditions is more serious. Either way, orthotic shoes are a great way to treat a number of conditions, and many podiatrists are fans of these shoes for their patients.

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