Feet in wool socks warming at the fireplaceWith the recent cold snap hitting the United States, it is best to make sure you take proper care of your feet. Winter foot care is something we all need to participate in actively to keep our feet healthy, and to avoid dry skin or injury from cold weather. Taking care of our feet can sometimes be the last thing we think about, especially in the winter but it is nevertheless vital to your health. This blog is going to explore how you can take proper care of your feet in the winter months to ensure you stay healthy.

  1. Make Sure to Wear Cotton or Wool Socks

When you go out, you will always need to wear socks to keep your feet warm and dry. The best socks to wear in the winter are cotton or wool. This can help keep your feet warm as you go about your day. Cotton socks are great to wear when it is not very cold, but cold enough that you need proper foot protection, and wool socks are great for bitter temperatures like the ones hitting the nation this week. If you do not have any, take this chance to go out and find some wool socks to wear and keep your feet warm for proper winter foot care. 

  1. Always Keep Your Feet Dry

With winter comes snow and ice. If you do not wear the proper shoes, you might end up getting your feet wet, which can cause problems such as fungal issues. It can also cause your feet to get colder and lead to frostbite. When going out into the snow or other wet weather, wear insulated boots that are protected from water. This will help keep your feet dry. If you do get your feet wet, make sure you can instantly change out of the socks and shoes that got wet. Consider bringing extra socks with you while you are out. 

  1. Wear the Right Boots for the Season

One thing many people do wrong for winter foot care, is that most do not wear the proper boots or shoes for the season. Some will wear summer shoes that are not insulated, or they may wear high-heeled boots or ones that are made for fashion, not function. When it comes time to go out in the cold temperatures and winter weather, always make sure you are wearing the proper shoes. In order to get the most out of these shoes you can get great orthotic insoles that will help give your feet the cushion and support they need. 

  1. Moisturize Your Skin for Proper Winter Foot Care

Proper winter foot care and overall skin care requires you to keep your feet clean and moisturized. Many podiatrists suggest that you wash your feet daily but if you do not, you should still always moisturize. The winter air dries out our skin, and it is important to make sure it does not get to the point of being uncomfortable or painful. Keep your feet from getting dry due to winter weather and stay healthy. 

  1. Wear Socks and/or Slippers Inside

Many people might think about what to do for winter foot care when they are outside.However, once they are inside from the bitter temps, they might not realize that they still need to protect their feet. When you are inside your home, you can take off your winter shoes to let them dry, but be sure to put on slippers and socks to keep your feet warm. Even with a heating unit, your floors will still be cold. You can get great orthotic slippers that give you all the support you need while walking around your home, keeping your feet nice and warm. You may only need to wear slippers, but if your floor is very cold, consider wearing both socks and slippers.

Winter foot care is important to your foot health and can help make the winter months go by much easier. Follow these tips to see great results, and if you are looking for orthotic insoles or slippers, then The Orthotic Shop is the perfect place for you! Take a look around to see which will suit you best for the winter months. Stay safe and warm!