Hiker hiking shoes barefoot BankThere are so many wonderful ways to workout, aren’t there? You can workout at home, in a gym, or go outside to enjoy the outdoors. One of the best ways to workout and enjoy the outdoors is to go hiking. If you’ve ever thought about it, now is the time to give it a try.

However, before you head out, you need to know just what to do to protect your feet when hiking and we are going to give you some of the top tips.

5 Perfect Ways to Protect Your Feet When Hiking 

What are the ways you can protect your feet when hiking? Let’s take a look. 

  1. Prepare Your Feet for the Hike

One of the first things you should do is always prepare your feet for the hike. If you haven’t hiked ever, then you need to ease into it slowly. Start walking around your neighborhood in your hiking boots and then go to a few nature trails.

Keep increasing the type of terrain you use until you are close to the terrain of your hike. You can also do foot stretches to help stretch and strengthen your feet. 

  1. Find the Right Hiking Shoes and Socks

Just as with everything else, hiking requires you to have the right shoes and socks. You want to make sure the hiking boots fit well, and that you don’t experience any pain. You should also break the shoes in by walking around your house and neighborhood long before you head out on a hike. 

  1. Do You Feel a Blister? Then Stop!

Blisters can be immensely painful, and when you try to protect your feet when hiking, you need to make sure you avoid blisters. If you start to feel one forming, don’t try to push through the discomfort and eventual pain – this will keep you out of commission for a while.

Stop, take some time to rest and look at the blister and apply blister care items. You should also cover it with a blister Band-Aid or something similar before you return to hiking. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Walking Stick

A walking stick can actually help immensely when it comes to protecting your feet when hiking. Not only will the stick help with your feet, but it can also help with your overall body, keeping you from feeling a lot of pain. Use the walking stick, and you will notice your hike goes much smoother. You might just become addicted to hiking with a walking stick. 

  1. Don’t Carry Too Much Gear at First

When you first start out hiking, you want to make sure you protect your whole body, as well as your feel. When you protect your feet when hiking, you will need to make sure you are not carrying too much gear on your first go. The more weight you carry will add more stress to your feet, making them ache and hurt much quicker.

Work yourself up to the amount of gear you want to carry so that your feet have time to adjust and get stronger. It might take several weeks, but the wait is well worth the lack of pain.

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