Woman legs in different shoesOrthotic shoes are excellent for anyone, but there are various conditions that require orthotics. When you get them, you will notice that your pain begins to diminish as you work to heal your feet and correct any problems you may have. This can include pain from walking too much or various other conditions like plantar fasciitis. In this blog, we are going to look at the top ways you can tell if you need orthotic shoes for various reasons, helping you on the road to recovery quickly. Let’s take a look!


4 Great Ways to Tell if You Need Orthotic Shoes

There are many ways you can tell if you need orthotic shoes, but we are going to look at some of the top ways. There are many different conditions that can require orthotic shoes, but when you wear the right shoes for your feet, you will find you feel significantly better.


  1. You Have Little to No Arches

It is easy to tell if you need orthotic shoes by taking a look at your feet. Do you have high arches or little to no arches? You will be able to tell quickly what type of arch you have, which will show you if you need orthotic shoes or arch supports. No matter if your arches are too high or too low, or if you have flat feet, orthotics can help.


  1. You Have Constant Foot or Back Pain

If you are noticing that you have constant foot or back pain at the end of the day, this is a clear sign orthotic shoes are good for you. While there could be many reasons, not having proper foot support could be leading to your pain. You can get orthotic shoes to help ease that pain, as well as easing the pain through your body once you are aligned properly.


  1. You are Over or Under-Pronated

Our feet naturally have a turn to them, but sometimes this can be over or under what is normal. When this happens, the conditions are called over-pronated or under-pronated, and can cause significant pain and exhaustion. You will need orthotic shoes to help with either of these to correct your feet. The shoes can also help ease the pain once your feet are aligned correctly.


  1. Seek a Podiatrist’s Opinion

If you are unsure if you need orthotic shoes or cannot tell what might be wrong with your feet, you can seek a medical professional’s opinion. A podiatrist specializes in foot care, and he or she can take a look at your feet and run tests to learn what needs to be done. Once you know for sure, you can either purchase regular orthotic shoes or devices or order custom orthotics. Your podiatrist will let you know, and can send in the measurements you will need for custom shoes. Once you get the orthotics you need, you will notice that most, if not all, of your pain and exhaustion, go away.


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