Runner feet running on road closeup on shoe. woman fitness sunriWhen you purchase athletic shoes, you fully intend to use them as much as possible. This means that eventually your shoes will become dirty and need cleaning. Many people are worried that they will not be able to wash athletic shoes from home, but it is possible. This blog is going to detail just how to do that by giving you an outline of how to wash athletic shoes.

1. Make Sure To Read Instructions

Before you wash athletic shoes, it is always wise to read any instructions that come with the shoes. Some shoes may use real leather or other materials that require careful washing. Read what materials your shoes are made of and look for any warnings about washing them. Once you find out what type of shoes you have (washable or un-washable) it is time to clean them. 

2. Remove Shoelaces Before Starting

One of the common mistakes people make when washing shoes is not removing the laces from the shoe. This can cause you to miss places when washing athletic shoes, and can also cause mold to build up while the shoes are drying. Take the laces off of the shoe and start the washing process. 

3. Wipe Down With A Cloth

Many places suggest that you first wipe the shoes down with a cloth or wet wipe. Many people will use things like baby wipes. This helps remove some of the dust and dirt that have built up on your shoes, making it easier to wash athletic shoes. Make sure to wipe all outer surfaces and remove all dirt that you can. 

4. Fill Sink With Warm Water And Some Soap

Next, fill up your sink with warm water and add some soap. Most people suggest using dish soap as this can cut through a lot of the grime and grease that will be on your shoes. Don’t use much soap, but enough to make the water soapy. 

5. Dip Toothbrush Into Water and Scrub The Shoe

Get an old toothbrush, or buy one specifically for cleaning your shoes. Dip the toothbrush into the soapy water and begin scrubbing your shoes to get all of the dirt and grime off. Focus on the crevices that the cloth could not reach earlier. You may find that you need to use a bit of elbow grease to get everything off. 

6. Rinse The Shoes In Warm Water

Once you have finished washing the shoes with a toothbrush, rinse them off in warm water. Make sure you get all of the soap off. If you find that your shoes are still dirty, then repeat the above process. Shake your shoes out and be sure to put paper towels inside to soak up any extra water.

7. Wash the Shoelaces And Insoles

Next, you should scrub the shoelaces with the soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. Hang them up to dry. You will also want to wash the insoles to get rid of the smell brought on by your sweat. Remove the insoles and scrub them in the warm soapy water. Refill the sink if need be to have cleaner water. Rinse them off and place the insoles on a towel to dry.

 After You Wash Athletic Shoes, Make Sure To Dry Them

Once you have finished washing athletic shoes, make sure to let them dry completely before putting the inserts back in and replacing the shoelaces. Once they are dry, you will have shoes that look brand new and no longer stink to high heaven!


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