Hand and foot, body care vector illustrationPlantar fasciitis can be troublesome for many people, making it difficult to walk without pain. There are several people around the world who suffer from plantar fasciitis, but it is one of the top foot conditions that is easy to treat.

When treating plantar fasciitis, there are many different things you can do ranging from massage and stretching, all the way to getting great shoes. We are going to take a look at some of the top DIY things you can do to treat this condition, keeping your feet healthy and pain-free.

Let’s take a look at just what you can when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis.

5 Amazing Ways for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

What are some great things you can easily do to help treat this condition? Here are some of the top DIY tips and tricks you can use to keep your feet healthy and free from pain. 

  1. Stretch Your Feet, Especially the Fascia

When your fascia is hurting, it is always a good idea to take some time to stretch it out. Stretching your fascia out is quite easy. All you will need to do is walk up to a wall and put your toes up against the wall with your heel on the floor.

Lean towards the wall and hold for ten seconds. 

  1. Put a Golf Ball in the Freezer and Use it on Your Arch Later

A simple way to massage your foot to help relieve pain is to get a golf ball and put it in your freezer. Once it has been in there for a bit, take it out and put it on the ground. Next, put your foot on it with the ball resting on your arch.

Slowly begin to move your foot back and forth on the ball, letting it cool and massage your foot and easing plantar fasciitis pain. 

  1. Get Night Splints or Braces

If your plantar fasciitis is seemingly getting worse, or some of the simple things listed aren’t helping, then you should consider getting a night splint. This can help immensely when you wake up in the morning, keeping you from being in a tremendous amount of pain. 

  1. Get Arch Supports or Orthotic Shoes

You can’t always do basic things like massaging your foot or stretching, so in order to easily treat plantar fasciitis, consider getting arch supports or orthotic shoes. These can help give you the support you need for your feet.

In fact, when you make the switch, you will not only see the benefit in your feet but also notice less pain throughout your body. Treating plantar fasciitis will even help your overall health, helping you be pain-free and have more energy to do the things you love. 

  1. Massage Muscles Above the Plantar

Not only can you do simple massages on your feet when it comes to treating plantar fasciitis, but you can also massage other muscles. Rubbing your shoulders, back, and legs can help immensely relieve the pain in your muscles.

It will also bring relief to your feet, especially if those muscles are very tense causing overall body pain. 

Be Pain-Free Starting Today

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