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We constantly hear about people with jobs that require them to sit the majority of the day. Anywhere you look, you can find an article which details just how dangerous this is, and encourages workers to get up, move, and stretch. However, you might be one that doesn’t have a job that requires sitting. In fact, you may have a job that requires standing on your feet all day. This can be exhausting for your entire body, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your body does not hurt, keeping yourself healthy.


  1. Mix Up Your Standing Poses Throughout the Day

When standing on your feet all day, make sure that you mix up your standing poses. This seems silly, but if you stay in one position for too long, this can cause your body to become stiff and sore. This will also cause your feet to hurt more. Consider adding a few standing yoga poses that will notinterfere with your job or just play around with different stances to find ones that are comfortable for you.


  1. Practice Proper Posture

Good posture is important for people no matter what their jobs require. Many sit hunched over their computers while others slump as they stand because of the exhaustion they feel. Improper posture when standing on your feet all day can cause more pain, exhaustion, and future foot, leg, and back problems. Work on standing tall and straight; when you catch yourself slumping, correct it.  Eventually, proper posture will become a habit.


  1. Always Breathe Deeply

Make sure that when you are standing on your feet all day that you breathe deeply. Breathing deeply is a great way to stay healthy, as well as giving you more energy and helping you feel awake. Many people do not breathe deeply, but it is vital to a healthy life. Try a few breathing exercises before, during, and after work to make deep breathing natural for you.


  1. Do Calf Lifts or Stretches

While you are standing on your feet, consider doing a few calf lifts to help stretch out your legs. Stand on your toes for five to ten seconds and lower slowly to the ground. Repeat this at least ten times. You can also do various static calf and leg stretches when you are on a break to make sure your muscles stay loose instead of becoming very tight. You can also massage your feet or work on stretching them out.


  1. Take Breaks to Relieve Your Feet and Body

When your job allows for you to take a break, always make sure to take it and let your body rest. If you have access to the break room, make sure to elevate your feet and take a few deep breaths to relax your body. This will help prepare you for going back out and standing on your feet more.


  1. Do Yoga Before and After Work

A great way to prepare for and recover from standing on your feet is to do yoga before and after your job. This can warm up your muscles in an easy way without causing too much stress or exhaustion and can cool down your muscles after a long day of standing. You can do a few standing poses to strengthen your legs and feet, but may find that, in the beginning, you may need to do seated poses until you can do standing poses.


  1. Wear the Proper Shoes When Standing on Your Feet

The best way to make sure your feet and body are healthy and happy when standing on your feet all day is to wear proper shoes. The best shoes for this are orthotics. You can find a number of styles that will work for you and help you carry on with your job with little to no pain or exhaustion. You can also get orthotic insoles to help relieve any pain from some of your favorite non-orthotic shoes.


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