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“My feet are so exhausted and hurt!” This is a common complaint many of us have, especially as we age. Our feet carry all of our weight, which can be exhausting, especially if we are walking long distances or on our feet for a long time. Because of this, we may develop different foot conditions or just have plain and simple exhausted feet. When it comes time to figure out what to do, one of the first things you may notice or hear is that orthotics are important. This is not something everyone expects or wants to hear, but when you have exhausted feet or have a foot condition, you will eventually notice that orthotics are important to maintain your health. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

1. Orthotics Are Important for Foot Conditions

As we briefly mentioned above, orthotics are important for foot conditions. The different conditions vary and the type of orthotic shoe will change depending on circumstances. In some cases, you may need custom orthotic shoes, but many times you can order any type you want to buy. Some of the foot conditions helped by orthotics are fasciitis plantar, hammertoe, diabetic neuropathy, and fallen arches. These shoes do help many other conditions, as well.

2. They Keep Your Knees From Hurting

Orthotics are important not only because they help various foot conditions, but also because they help with painful knees. You will notice when wearing orthotic shoes that you can walk longer distances with little to no pain in your knees, which is a welcome relief to many. This is because orthotic shoes are specifically designed to make sure they absorb the impact of walking so that you are not jarring your knees, causing pain. 

  1. Your Body Is Properly Aligned With Orthotics

When you get orthotic shoes, you will notice that they help keep your entire body aligned. Many name brand, non-orthotic shoes are not made with your body’s alignment in mind, which can cause different problems including back and hip pain. When you wear orthotic shoes, your body’s alignment is corrected, and the shoes help you maintain proper posture when walking. This will help you eventually strengthen your back, allowing you to do more strengthening exercises to improve posture when you are not wearing the shoes. 

  1. Wearing Orthotics While Running Is Healthy

Orthotics are not just for those with food conditions or when you are walking around parks, but are also great for working out. Getting running or athletic orthoticsare important to your body and feet because they do all of what is mentioned above, keeping your body safe and healthy as you workout. Many people even notice a decline in the possibility of injury when running with orthotic shoes. The type of shoe you need will depend on which exercise you plan on doing and what your feet will need. You may need to get shoes that are for fallen arches, or those that have extra depth to absorb the impact as you run. 

  1. Foot Pain is Minimized or Dissolves With Orthotics

When you get your first pair of orthotics, you will notice that your foot pain slowly dissipates or is minimized. Eventually, you will be pain-free if you follow exercises that are required for various foot conditions while also wearing your shoes. You will also notice that your back, knees, ankles, and overall body feel much better when wearing orthotic shoes, and you will feel more like getting back into the swing of things with working out.

When you are seeking orthotic shoes, it is always wise to talk with your doctor to find out if you need custom orthotics or not. Once you find out, you can also learn about exercises to do with orthotics to keep your feet healthy and improve the benefits of the shoes. As you start looking for great orthotics, take a look at our orthopedic flip flops or shoes. We provide an excellent selection of shoes to choose from, helping you keep your feet healthy and pain-free! Look through all available shoes to find the ones that are best for you.