Work Stoppage. Tired Businesswoman Massaging FeetFoot pain is something all of us deal with at some point in our lives. No matter what the pain is, we will always seek various methods to get rid of the pain in our feet. However, the pain we have may be part of a foot condition and we should seek treatment as soon as possible for the pain. One of these conditions is that of Morton’s neuroma. This blog is going to focus on what this disorder is, the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma, and how to treat it.

What Is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma is when the tissue around a nerve starts to thicken, causing pressure on the nerve, which then causes pain.  The nerve that is affected by this is the one that goes to your toes, and it typically happens between the fourth and third toe. Many people who have this disorder feel like they are constantly stepping on a pebble, and many will frequently check their shoes or feet to make sure there is not a rock or something else bothering them. Research shows that one of the main causes of Morton’s neuroma is wearing high heel shoes or shoes that pinch your toes together. People with mild cases might notice relief if they switch to lower heeled shoes or shoes with wider boxes in the toes. 

What Are The Symptoms?

The most common symptom of Morton’s neuroma is a sensation in the ball of your foot that you are stepping on a pebble or something hard. This can stop if you wear proper shoes, but sometimes the case is so severe that you might notice it while you are walking in flat shoes as well.You most likely will not see any visible symptoms such as a lump. The symptoms for Morton’s neuroma are more something one feels than sees. Other symptoms include: 

  • Burning or stabbing sensation in the ball of your foot. This pain may even spread out to your toes.
  • You might lose feeling in your toes in more severe cases because of the nerve having so much pressure on it. However, you may just feel a tingling in your toes. 

If you have these symptoms, it is wise for you to see a doctor about the pain to make sure it is not a more severe condition. Once you receive a diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma, it is time to treat it. 

How Is It Treated?

Whenever we receive a diagnosis for a foot condition, the very first thing we all wonder is “how do I treat it?” The treatment for Morton’s neuroma can vary depending on the severity, but the most common forms of treatment are as follows:

  • You might need to get arch supports to wear in your shoes, which will add a cushion to your foot and help in stay aligned like it should.
  • Footpads for the ball of your feet will also be helpful when it comes to relieving pain in the ball of your foot. You can get generic footpads, or your doctor may request that you get custom inserts.
  • Orthotic shoes are also wonderful for treating Morton’s neuroma. They will not only help the pain in the ball of your foot, but can also help with any pain you may have in your knees and back.
  • Always make sure you change the shoes you are wearing to cut down on any pain you are having. This will sometimes be the only treatment you need. 

Wearing inserts or orthopedic shoes can easily treat Morton’s neuroma. The Orthotic Shop offers wonderful inserts for Morton’s neuroma, as well as regular and custom shoes that will help you with any pain you have. Take a look around our shop to find some shoes that will be perfect for you!