Orthaheel Slippers give your feet the support they need. These slippers with built-in orthotic support are great for everyone, even if you don’t have plantar fasciitis arch or heel pain. The orthotic support found in the Orthaheel Slippers properly aligns the lower limbs and corrects any foot pronation giving you natural relief.  See Diagram below:

Orthaheel Slippers align lower limbs

Your feet were made with arches and are not designed to stand / walk around on hard un-natural surfaces for extended periods of time. Even if you have custom orthotics or prefabricated orthotic insoles, it is hard to find a slipper to accommodate them.  This is what makes Orthaheel’s Slippers, Sandals and Shoes ideal, they have built-in arch support that fits 95% of the population.  Unless you have a specific foot ailment, custom orthotics are not really necessary.

Orthaheel Gemma Women’s Orthotic SlipperOrthaheel Gemma is a comfortable orthotic mule-styled slipper that comes in several colors. The Gemma combines the pronation control technology designed in Orthaheels sandals with a closed-toe soft terry cloth spa slipper! If you liked the Relax Slipper, you’ll like the Gemma!


Orthaheel Navarre Men’s Slipper – the Orthaheel Navarre is an excellent mule slipper for men that features orthotic arch support. These euro-styled mule slippers feature soft, breathable felted Italian wool uppers and footbeds to keep your feet at room-temperature.

Orthaheel Relax Women’s Slippers – new colors and redesigned for 2011 – Orthaheel Relax is a comfortable orthotic support slipper. The Relax combines the pronation control technology designed in Orthaheels sandals with a soft terry cloth slipper! This slipper is great for men too, just get two sizes larger, for example a men’s 9.5, get a size 11.

Orthaheel Relax - Berry ZebraOrthaheel Relax - Dark Grey ZebraOrthaheel Relax - Black


Get Orthaheel Orthotics, Slippers and Shoes are the Orthotic Shop.

The Orthotic Shop inventories several thousand pair of Orthaheel Footwear products accross the country in four different geographically-located warehouses so we will get you comfort fast! The Orthotic Shop also gives you Free Return shipping and a 30-day comfort guarantee.  If you don’t like them after trying them on or even wearing them, simply log in to our easy-to-use return system and print out a fedex return form!

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