Closeup photo of a female feet with beautiful red pedicureWhen it comes to taking care of your feet, there are many things you can do. It is vital to take care of your feet because you want them to continue to stay healthy while also looking incredible for years to come. This blog is going to focus on some of the top foot care tips for women that can help you achieve just this! By following the suggestions below, you will be able to have the healthiest feet that look simply stunning.


  1. Keep Your Feet Soft By Soaking Them in Moisturizing Soap

One thing many women struggle with is having dry, cracked feet. Many times, they will notice that the rest of their skin is perfectly smooth because they regularly take care of it. However, feet go through quite a bit each day and can become dry and cracked quickly due to walking, not moisturizing, and wearing shoes all day. A great way to combat this is to soak your feet in a warm bath with a moisturizing soap, not Epsom salts. Epsom salts are great if you have foot pain or a sprained ankle, but can be incredibly drying for your feet. Only use them if you have any medical needs for it. If you do not have a need for them, soak your feet in something with a moisturizer in it.


  1. Use a Pumice Stone to Get Rid of Dry and Dead Skin

Great foot care tips for women always include the need for a pumice stone to make sure you can get rid of all that dry skin. This can help keep you from developing calluses that are too hard that can cause pain or discomfort when walking or wearing shoes. Calluses can help protect your feet, but if they get too large, they can pose a threat to your foot health. In fact, if the calluses get too large, they can make shoes fit improperly, which is not something you want to face.


  1. Regularly Use Proper Lotion on Your Feet

Each skin type requires a different lotion, and you should always make sure that you use the proper one for you. Once you have found the right lotion, you should use it daily andalways after showers to keep your feet and skin healthy and soft. This will help you from developing calluses that are too large, and can also help your feet look incredible when you wear sandals in the summertime.


  1. Top Foot Care Tips for Women: Avoid Wearing High Heels Often

When it comes to foot care tips for women, one of the most popular is that women should not wear high heels often. While these shoes look incredible on you, they can cause significant problems in your whole body and for your feet. You can get things like Morton’s neuroma and hammertoes from high heels, and you can get your body out of its proper alignment. You need to make sure your body is properly aligned to avoid further pain. If it is not aligned correctly, you will experience pain in your knees, hips, and back. If you want to stop having significant pain, the first step is always to change your shoes and wear ones that fit correctly and provide proper alignment such as orthotic shoes.


  1. Make Sure You Wear Properly Fitting Shoes

Wearing properly fitting shoes is one of the many important foot care tips for women because shoes that pinch can cause significant pain and foot conditions. The best way to ensure you get the proper fit and support is to wear orthotic shoes. There are several styles available now spanning from safer heeled shoes to ballet flats and even athletic shoes. This will help you keep your feet healthy and comfortable.


Finding the right shoes is a great way to take care of your feet. If you follow the above foot care tips for women, you are likely to see improvement in your feet soon. If you are looking for some great orthotic shoes that fit you correctly and look great, then you are in luck! The Orthotic Shop has plenty of shoes available for you to choose from, helping you find the right shoes for you. Take a look around our shop to find some incredible shoes. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us!