Aquatic RelaxingWhen the dog days of summer make their appearance, we never want to wear closed toe shoes. They make our feet sweat, and we can overheat quickly. This makes us always want to wear sandals, but especially flip flops since no one feels like dressing up too much. Unfortunately, flip flops can look plain boring, and some might even start looking beat up if you have had them for quite a long time. This blog is going to give you three ideas of how to spruce up your flip flops and make them look snazzy for the last few weeks of a blistering summer.

1. Use Ribbon To Decorate Your Flip Flops

A very simple, yet fun way to decorate your flip flops is to purchase some ribbon from the store and use it on your shoes. You can do this is one of two ways, which are:


  • Tying the ribbons on the straps of your shoes. You can do this by cutting ribbon so that it is long enough to tie around the straps but not too long that it will trip you. Just tie it in a simple knot and keep adding ribbon the same way until you get the desired look.
  • Wrapping the ribbon around the straps. This only requires one ribbon per shoe and can be done by wrapping it around the straps and securing it with hot glue. Sometimes, people have added a flower or something to hide where the attached the ribbon with hot glue. 

The great thing about utilizing ribbons is that you can make your shoes match the season, your favorite colors, or for school pride. Many schools have rallies at the beginning of every school year, meaning most kids and teachers will be wearing flip flops. This can make a perfect opportunity to decorate your flip flops to show off your school pride! 

2. Use Shoelaces To Add A Pop Of Color

One of the most annoying things about buying new shoes for yourself or kids is that you will always have a never-ending supply of leftover shoelaces. This can be a wonderful way to decorate your flip flops and add a neat, simple pop of color. This can be done very similarly to the way that you would wrap ribbon around your shoe’s straps. You can easily change the shoelaces out for other colors as well and purchase different shoelaces if you find you need a more diverse selection. 

3. Add Beads Or Buttons

This can be as easy or complex as you want to make it. You can add beads or buttons by hot gluing them to the rubber strap of your shoes, or you can find more advanced methods that include wrapping ribbon around your shoe and making a wonderful canvas for you to work on. Head over to Pinterest from some awesome ideas on how to do this on your flip flops and to see a variety of different photographs available. 

Decorating your flip flops can be a fun project to do with your kids after school or just as a little art project for yourself. If you are looking for some great flip flops, The Orthotic Shop offers some excellent and comfortable orthopedic flip flops that can help keep your feet from hurting. Take a look around and find some flip flops that will be perfect for you!