OluKai designs their sandals and shoes for comfort! Inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, OluKai translates into OLU: Comfort and KAI: Ocean. The Spirit of the brand is embraced in those two Hawaiian words. OluKai footwear consists of high quality materials, bio-mechanical arch support, cradling heel cups, and wider toe areas. The shoes have thicker removable insoles so you can use custom orthotics if you wish. OluKai’s stock insoles are very comfortable. As an avid fan of orthotics, I find that I can just wear the shoes with the insoles they come with and not experience any arch/heel pain.

OluKai - Comfort Footwear Inspired by the Ocean Lifestyle

Comfort Features of Olukai Shoes & Sandals

Olukai's Shoes & Sandals provide excellent arch support. Olukai's Shoes & Sandals have roomy toe boxes so they are not squished!
Olukai Shoes & Sandals feature an anatomical arch support which improves comfort & supports the natural contours of the foot. Proper medial and lateral arch support reduces aches and pains, and promotes healthier functioning for superior natural shock absorption and a coiled spring effect in the foot. Great for all but especially people with Plantar Fasciitis arch & heel pain. Olukai Shoes & Sandals offer generous toe boxes to allow your toes to spread naturally, like a bare foot in wet sand. The result is better balance, less stress, and increased comfort. Great for people with bunions or hammertoes & also to prevent such ailments.
Olukai's heel cradle stabilize the foot & absorbs shock
Olukai Shoes & Sandals heel cup cradles the foot, minimizes side-to-side movement, and provides stability & natural shock absorption. The heel cup centers & aligns the foot to minimize pronation and supination, reduce pressure on the arch, and enhance the body’s natural cushioning and bone protection. Great for people with heel pain.

Orthotic Shop Review of OluKai Sandals compared to Orthaheel

We sell a lot of Orthaheel Sandals but sometimes people think there is too much orthotic arch support in those. OluKai is great for those customers as OluKai relies more on cushioning (in the ‘Ohana Sandal) for comfort – their arch support is also not as high as Orthaheel’s. The Office staff at the Orthotic Shop love the trendy styles that OluKai provides as well as the comfort. One of our staff members says the Olukai ‘Ohana women’s sandal feels like wearing a slipper.

Olukai 'Ohana Women's Flip Flops
Olukai ‘Ohana Women’s Flip Flops

I used to wear the Orthaheel Bryce Sandal everywhere, which is an awesome sandal, but it got dirty on a fishing trip so I tried on a pair of OluKai ‘Ohana Men’s sandals and haven’t taken them off since. I actually have 2 different colors of them and rotate my sandal use between them and the Orthaheel Bryce’s!

Olukai 'Ohana Men's Flip Flops Orthaheel Bryce Orthotic Flip Flops for Men
Olukai ‘Ohana Men’s Flip Flops Orthaheel Bryce Orthotic Flip Flops for Men

Bottom Line: Both Brands make awesome sandals. If you need a sandal that provides more orthotic support, get Orthaheel.  If you find their support is too much, get OluKai.  In general, people who wear custom orthotics will probably like Orthaheel more, those in the market for an awesome pair of comfy sandals will probably like OluKai’s materials and styling more. My wife doesn’t need orthotics but seems to wear her Orthaheel Tide’s more than OluKai. This is probably because she has every color of the Tide and only a couple pair of OluKai’s!  Your decision on which to get may just be a matter of personal preference. Either way, you’ll be happy, if not we have free return shipping!

Orthaheel - Tide - Women's Orthotic Sandals

Orthaheel – Tide – Women’s Orthotic Sandals

OluKai Shoes

OluKai expanded upon the comfort of the sandals by making stylish shoes such as the OluKai Moloa. I wear these when I can’t wear sandals. While I think it should be ok to where sandals everywhere, my wife doesn’t agree with me so the next best alternative is to wear these:

Olukai Moloa Men's Shoes/Slides
Olukai Moloa Men’s Shoes/Slides

Purchase OluKai Sandals at the Orthotic Shop

The Orthotic Shop is expanding our OluKai offering everyday and strives to provide our customers the best selection. All of our staff members have a pair of OluKai Sandals and are very knowledgeable when comparing them to other sandals. We offer Free Return Shipping and Free 2-3 day shipping on items we currently have in inventory. If you have any questions, call us at 800-309-0412, start a live chat with us, or shoot us an email.

Purchase OluKai Shoes & Sandals at the Orthotic Shop

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