Healthy lifestyleThere are plenty of articles out there talking about how to keep your feet healthy, but there are not very many discussing the importance of your children’s feet. However, there are plenty of great foot care tips for kids that you should be following to keep your children’s feet healthy. This blog is going to look at the top foot care tips for kids to help your children maintain healthy feet and stay in the practice of foot care as they get older. Let’s take a look!


  1. Keep Your Child’s Feet Clean and Dry

Being a kid means that puddles and creeks are fun to run in, especially during the spring and summer. Water is incredibly inviting, but running through puddles can be bad for your children’s feet. If you know your child is likely to get his or her feet wet, make sure to have fresh shoes and socks ready. Always keep their feet clean, and never let your children wear wet socks or shoes for too long.


  1. Make Sure All Shoes Fit Your Children Well

It can be tempting to buy shoes that are a little too big for your kids to give them the chance to grow into them. However, one of the top foot care tips for kids is that they need well fitting shoes all the time. This can get pricey since you will need to buy new shoes more frequently, but this will keep your child from developing foot conditions now and later in life, as well as keeping them from experiencing pain from ill-fitting shoes.


  1. Do Not Let Your Kids Walk Barefoot Outside

It is tempting to let your child walk barefoot as the weather warmsup; in fact, it is tempting for you, too! However, this is dangerous because there are plenty of sharp objects that could cause injury. This is one of the top foot care tips for kids because wearing shoes will protect their feet from many different sharp objects and keep their feet cleaner.


  1. Wear the Right Shoes to Encourage Your Children

One of the best foot care tips for kids is that you should follow basic care tips yourself to encourage your children. They love to copy what their parents do – you are their idols right now. Wear shoes that fit well and pick shoes like orthotics to have the best support possible. As your children age, they will be more likely to choose the correct shoes instead of wearing shoes that could be bad for them.


5.Know if Your Child Needs Orthotics Early On

Not all children will need children’s orthotics, but you do need to keep an eye on them just in case. If you notice anything unusualsuch as your older child walking on his or her tiptoes or anything else that does not seem right, take your child to the doctor. This could be a symptom of a disorder that may require kids orthotic devices.


If you follow these excellent foot care tips for kids, your children will have healthy feet and will be less likely to experience injuries. If you are looking for orthotic shoes for yourself or you have a child that needs children’s orthotics, then you are in the right place. The Orthotic Shop has plenty of shoes and orthotics that are perfect. Take a look and contact us with any questions you may have!