ConstructionWhen you are working at construction sites or doing DIY projects around your home, it is important to find shoes that will be safe for your feet. You cannot use just regular tennis or athletic shoes for construction or several heavy-duty projects; you will need specific work boots. Knowing this means you might be wondering how to find the best work boots for you and your job.


1. Make Sure The Boots Have A Safety Toe

If you are doing a project that involves lifting heavy items or you will be around things such as concrete blocks or other heavy things, you will need boots with a safety toe. Usually these are made out of steel to protect your toes from being broken if you accidentally drop something on your feet. Not all work boots have these because not all projects are heavy duty. Consider the type of work you are doing in order to choose the best work boots. Many workers find that they prefer purchasing work boots with a safety toe because, while their current project may not have dangerous elements, other projects may. It is best to be careful, especially when it comes to taking care of your feet.


2. The Best Work Boots Are All Waterproof

When you are searching for boots, you will notice that many high-quality work boots are all waterproof. There are different types of waterproof work boots; those that use a sealing agent and have tape on the seams or those that have waterproof liners. Sealed boots with taped seams can be fine for workers, but the tape can breakdown over time. In addition, sealed boots might clog the leather, making it not breathable. This could cause you to sweat in your boots, which will defeat the purpose of being waterproof. Boots that utilize waterproof liners are great because they will be more breathable and durable, withstanding almost anything you throw their way. Whichever route you choose, make sure that the shoes are the best work boots for you and your project.


3. Learn If You Need Insulated Boots

When purchasing work boots, you will find some that have insulation as well as those that do not. This can help you depending on the type of work you are planning on doing. If you are working in cold weather, you will want some insulated boots to keep your feet warm. However, in hot weather, insulated boots can cause your feet to sweat and you to overheat. Always make sure you know what your project will require. You may consider getting two different boots, one pair that has insulation and boots that do not.


4. Find Boots That Fit You Correctly

Ill-fitting boots will cause you to have significant foot pain and can cause things such as blisters and corns from rubbing on your feet. Orthotic boots tend to eliminate some of these foot conditions from occuring. Make sure you get your feet measured and that you try the boots on to make sure they fit as they should. You should make sure that the boot is not too loose, as well as not being too tight. In order to find the best work boots, try on several different pairs before choosing your boots. This will ensure you get the best boots for you.


In Closing

Finding the best work boots does not have to be difficult, and you will be grateful that you made sure to get high quality. The Orthotic Shop offers some great orthotic work boots that will have all of the above characteristics, while also making sure your feet have the best support possible. Take a look around our shop to find the best work boots for you!