Dr. Andrew Weil, America’s Top Wellness Doctor, has a new line of Integrative Footwear that advances his mission of Integrative Wellness. The shoes and sandals in Dr. Weil’s footwear collection are highly relevant to the lifestyle that he advocates, one aspect of that lifestyle is Walking.

Dr. Weil’s Balance Walker is a shoe with unique technology Orthaheel Technology found in the podiatrist designed Orthaheel footwear products. The Orthaheel technology is the best way to protect feet from the shock of walking on hard surfaces, and it keeps the foot and ankle properly aligned and supported, and mimics the effect of walking barefoot on natural surfaces.

Dr. Weil Balance Technology Overview

The Podiatist Designed Balance walker comes with a removable Orthaheel orthotic, has a padded collar for comfort, and has a sleek design available in four colors so you will look great in any season:

Dr. Weil Balance – Mocha

Dr. Weil Balance - Women's Walking Shoes - Mocha

Dr. Weil Balance – Black

Dr. Weil Balance - Women's Walking Shoes - Black

Dr. Weil BalanceĀ  – White

Dr. Weil Balance - Women's Plantar Fasciitis Shoe - White

Dr. Weil BalanceĀ  – Red

Dr. Weil Balance - Women's Walking Shoes - Red

Dr. Weil Shoes & Sandals are Ideal for:

  • Heel pain and plantar fasciitis
  • Moderate to excessive pronation
  • Complementary orthotic treatment – use custom orthotics with shoes / slippers, sandals have built-in arch support / pronation control.
  • Shock-absorbing support and stability – realign your body
  • Low- and high-performance athletes

Dr. Weil Shoes and Sandals are Shipped Free and have no sales tax (unless you live in MI) at the Orthotic Shop