The Orthotic Shop is now carrying CrocsRx’s Custom Cloud. The CrocsRx Custom Cloud was specifically designed by Crocs as protective footwear. It features extra-depth that is ideal for using custom orthotics and moldable inserts.

The Custom Cloud was recently accepted into the diabetic shoe program by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Acceptance by the CMS validates the superior benefits of Croslite material (Croslite ag+), Crocs proprietary closed-cell resin, as the Custom Cloud is the first molded shoe to receive an approved code verification from the organization.

As discussed above, the CMS validates the benefits of Croslite ag+ material. It is formulated with 1800 parts per million of silver crystals in the Croslite material. Numerous microbial tests were performed to determine this concentration, which produces a reliable 90+% kill rate for bacteria and fungi, and which is effective for a one-year period of time. Each new batch of croslite ag+tm material is independently tested to assure this kill rate.

Croslite ag+(tm) material works by a slow, steady release of silver ions, which maintains an effective concentration in and around the Silver Cloud and Custom Cloud shoe for a minimum of one year. The silver ionic release rate is accelerated by three factors: heat, moisture and saline concentration. In other words, the hotter and sweatier the feet become, the more silver ions are released to fight the increased threat of infection.

The Croslite ag+ material is effective when the patient wears the shoes with or without socks. Silver ions are extremely small, small enough to penetrate the cell walls of microbes, and thus easily penetrate the sock material to reach the skin surface of the foot. Effective immediately, medical professionals can fit the more than 23 million Americans suffering from diabetes in the CrocsRx Custom Cloud. The approved shoe comes with three pairs of heat moldable orthotic insoles and is usually fitted by a professional practitioner, to offer long-term relief for foot ailments related to the disease.

Pair of Black CrocsRx Custom Cloud Shoes

Additionally, the American Podiatric Medical Association with its distinguished Seal of Acceptance, recognizes that the Custom Cloud offers diabetic patients several advantages over traditional specialty footwear.

Among the most notable benefit is the customized fit that stems from the Croslite Ag+ material. Croslite Ag+ material expands upon the comfort attributes inherent to Croslite material while adding anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odor resistant nano-Silver ceramic crystals.

Moreover, patients find the Custom Cloud to be easier to slip on, easier to keep clean and that the shoe weighs less than other specialty medical footwear styles accepted by CMS. The Custom Cloud is available in three color combinations including Navy, Black and Chocolate in men’s size 4-13.5 and women’s size 6-13.5, with four width offerings.

Crocs Custom Cloud with Insert

“We are thrilled with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid’s decision to include CrocsRx footwear in the Medicare program,” stated Eddie Scott, Director of CrocsRx. “CMS acceptance is an enormous accomplishment as this governing body completed an extensive review of clinical and historical performance data and found Croslite material to be a suitable alternative to existing specialty leather footwear.”

Please visit the following link for information on how to purchase the CrocsRx Custom Cloud 

Chocolate Custom Cloud by CrocsRxCrocsRx Custom Cloud - Navy