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Youth Orthopedic Footwear

Back in the old days, if children needed footwear with extra height to accommodate an AFO brace, custom orthotic or other type of corrective device, the options in shoes were extremely limited. Fortunately, the times have changed and Orthotic Shop now carries trendy orthopedic shoes for kids that are attractive and provide state-of-the-art podiatric design; our kids' orthopedic shoes come equipped with padded midsoles and wide toe boxes, as well as additional depth to comfortably house inserts. Whether you are looking for a sneaker, boot, dress shoe or sandal, you are sure to find the perfect orthopedic shoe for your child. Explore online to find health-conscious footwear for boys, girls and toddlers of all ages.

  SKU Product Our Price
2247Y-950-M010 Bearpaw Romi Girl's Comfort Slide Sandal $49.95
2246Y-126-M010 Bearpaw Nolita Girl's Slide Sandal $49.95
2245Y-388-M010 Bearpaw Genesis Girl's Slide Sandal $49.95
2243Y-120-M010 Bearpaw Girl's Nora Slide Sandal $39.95
2237Y-030-M010 Bearpaw Galen Boy's Slide Sandal $34.95
2236Y-205-M010 Bearpaw Cade Boy's Fisherman Sandal - 2236Y $34.95
2172Y-030-M010 Bearpaw Eureka Youth - Kids' Tall Boot - 2172Y $59.95
2171Y-011-M010 Bearpaw Carly Youth - Kids' Suede Boot 2171Y $59.95 (Save 20%)
2144Y-030-M010 Bearpaw Kylie Youth 9 inch Kids' Boot - 2144Y $59.95 (Save 20%)
2012Y-011-M010 Bearpaw Koko Youth - Kids' Suede Boots - 2012Y $49.95 (Save 23%)
2150Y-220-M010 Bearpaw Marina Youth - Kids' Snow Boot - 2150Y $39.95 (Save 39%)
2025Y-011-M010 Bearpaw Krista Youth - Kids' 7 in Boot - 2025Y $47.95 (Save 32%)
1669Y-220-M010 Bearpaw Boshie Youth - Kids' Suede Boots - 1669Y $39.95 (Save 39%)
1669T-220-M070 Bearpaw Boshie Toddler Suede Boot - 1669T $31.95 (Save 42%)
1653Y-220-M040 Bearpaw Rosie Kids' Suede Boots - Youth 1653Y $35.95 (Save 40%)
2163Y-122-M010 Bearpaw Treasure Youth - Kids' Slipper - 2163Y $35.95 (Save 45%)
2164Y-620-M010 Bearpaw Eclipse Youth - Kids' Slipper - 2164Y $39.95
1295Y-220-M020 Bearpaw Kids' Moc Suede Slipper - Youth - Boys / Girls - 1295Y $31.95 (Save 42%)
2166Y-220-M130 Bearpaw Brady Youth - Boys / Girls Suede Comfort Boots - 2166Y $39.95 (Save 39%)
1091289K-IBNT-07/08 Sanuk Root Beer Cozy Light - Little Boy's Sandal 1091289K $10.00 (Save 23%)
1090940Y-BWFR-06/07 Sanuk Lil Yoga Sling Ella PRINTS Youth Girl's Sandal $28.50 (Save 21%)
1093849-BWFR-09/10 Sanuk Lil Yoga Sling Ella PRINTS Little Girl's $16.00
1091309K-NYLL-07/08 Sanuk Root Beer Cozy Light Funk Little Boy's $20.50 (Save 18%)
1091297Y-FLC-01 Sanuk Lil Donny Funk - Boy's Casual Shoe 1091297Y $34.50 (Save 20%)