Rocker Bottom Sole Shoes

Rocker Bottom Sole Shoes

Rocker Bottom Sole Shoes

Rocker Bottom Sole Shoes for Women

Stability Rocker Sole Shoes for Women are health & wellness shoes that combine comfort with functionality. Women's Rocker Sole Shoes protect the body from repetitive impact of walking on concrete & hard surfaces.

With "Rocker Bottom" women's shoes, the ball of the foot and the heel never impact the ground, the impact is absorbed through the midfoot of the shoe and up into the arch of the foot, shown in the diagram below. This equally distributes the pressure throughout the foot allowing the foot to roll through the stride.

Features & Benefits of Stability Rocker Bottom Sole Shoes for Women

  • The Rocker Bottom design is excellent for spending long hours on concrete and other hard surfaces
  • Exercising benefit: being that your feet are less fatigued, you can walk longer distances and burn more calories!
  • Stable design, lets you walk farther & longer on all surfaces
  • Removable insoles for using custom made orthotics and other insoles
  • Most styles are available in many sizes and widths: medium, wide, & extra wide

Rocker Sole Shoes distribute impact forces through the foot's arch

Stable vs. Unstable Rocker Sole Shoes

The Stability Rocker Sole shoes for women sold at The Orthotic Shop are different from the unstable rocker shoes (MBT or Shape-ups) that have been advertised to magically reduce a person's weight. The Stable Rocker Bottom shoes have greater security, long term comfort, and can be worn on a wide variety of surfaces as opposed to to the unstable exercise rocker sole shoes that should really only be worn on flat surfaces.

The Rocker Sole Shoes will change your relationship with the ground! Free Shipping & Exchanges on Women's Rocker Sole - Bottom Shoes for customers in the US.
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Orthotic Shop is pleased to carry Propet Balance Bar shoes for women. These Rocker Sole Shoes are designed to provide the ultimate comfort and will change your relationship with walking for good! Rocker Sole Shoes prevent the ball and the heel of the foot from impacting with the ground. Instead, the footwear equally distributes pressure to allow the foot to properly roll through each stride. Walk faster, farther, and longer on all surfaces with this stability shoe. Choose from one of our highly rated Propet Rocker Sole Shoes for women and show everyone how far you can go!