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It's not easy to find a pair of summertime shoes that meet both style and pain-relief expectations so, to make your hunt easier, Orthotic Shop has compiled the best comfort sandals for women; walking sandals, thong-style sandals and slide-on sandals are just a few of the many different categories in our wide selection. Plus, all of our women's comfort sandals feature outstanding arch support and a level of cushioning that will allow you to wear these all day long.

Dependent upon your personal preferences, there may be some brands that will meet your needs more than others. Vionic, Spenco and OluKai all pride themselves on the additional arch support provided and are probably the best option for those looking for a flat feet or plantar fasciitis sandal. We also carry brands such as Mt Emery and Cobb Hill, known for producing exceptional diabetic sandals for women.

Whatever may be ailing your feet, they will never feel more relaxed than with a pair of Orthotic Shop's comfort sandals for women. With our great discounts, top reviews and free shipping and returns, there's no reason not to order a pair today.

  SKU Product Our Price
WSX033LWHTM-06 Propet Marina Women's Adjustable Strap Sandal $65.41 (Save 15%)
WSX003LBLKM-06 Propet Aurora - Women's Leather Adjustable Sandals $62.01 (Save 11%)
WSX011LBLKM-06 Propet Aurora Slide Women's Comfort Sandal $69.95 (Save 18%)
WSX023LBLKW-06 Propet April Women's Comfort Wedge Sandal $67.96 (Save 32%)
WSO001LBLKM-06 Propet June Women's Orthopedic Strap Sandal $76.46 (Save 30%)
W0089B--M-06 Propet Pedic Walker Removable Footbed Sandals - Women's $92.95
W0001BLKM-06 Propet Breeze - Women's Supportive Sling-Back Sandals $76.95
WSO003LDENM-12 Propet Jocelyn Women's Comfort Slingback Sandal $84.95 (Save 15%)
WST003MBBLM-06 Propet TravelActiv SS (sport sandal) - Women's Lightweight Sandal $45.95 (Save 16%)
WSO013LDEMM-12 Propet Jubilee Women's Sandal with Removable Insoles $80.71 (Save 27%)
WSV021PNVYM-05 Propet Edie Women's Thong Post Sandal $49.95
WSV003PBRRM-12 Propet Elon Women's Adjustable Strap Sandal $61.95
WSA003LBR-M-12 Propet Jenna Women's Orthopedic Sandal $89.95 (Save 99%)
WSO022LBLKM-07 Propet Ghillie Walker - Women's Comfort Sandals - Removable Footbed $92.95
WSX031LBLKM-06 Propet Marina Slide Women's Slip-on Leather Sandal $65.41 (Save 15%)
WSO023LBLKE-09H Propet VitaWalker - Women's Comfort Sandals with Removable Insoles $45.95 (Save 49%)
W0310B--E-06 Propet Heather - Women's Comfort Sandals - Widths $45.95 (Save 39%)
WSV011PGFUM-05 Propet Eleri Women's Adjustable Comfort Sandal $61.95
WSX002LBLKM-06 Propet Amelia - Women's Leather Wedge Comfort Sandals $45.95 (Save 34%)
WSR013SGUTM-08 Propet Nami - Women's Adjustable Supportive Sandals $66.95 (Save 26%)
W0800CT-W-09H Propet Mariko - Rejuve - Women's Sandals $43.95 (Save 54%)
W0323BZ-M-06 Propet Monica - Sandals - Women's $45.95 (Save 29%)