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Springboost Shoes

Springboost Shoes

Springboost Shoes

SpringBoost shoes are for the athletes that want to get ahead and stay at the forefront of the competition. Since 2003, this brand has been producing top tier athletic footwear that promotes optimal dorsiflexion position. This means your heel rests lower than the ball of your foot. Research has clearly shown that when your foot is at this point, leg muscle performance becomes higher and more proficient. Needless to say, a pair of well-fitting SpringBoost performance shoes will give you an advantage on the track or field.

We want our customers to have every athletic and health advantage possible, so Orthotic Shop carries both Springboost sneakers and walking sandals you'll be at the cutting edge of performance all year round. Both types of footwear contain the advanced, patented SpringBoost technology that enables prime dorsiflexion. In addition to increased muscle performance, these products also promote improved posture, increased blood circulation and a healthier, more confident stride. Talk the talk and walk the walk with SpringBoost footwear from Orthotic Shop. When you order today, you'll also receive free shipping!

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Founded in 2003, SpringBoost shoes have been providing their wearers with pairs of well-fitting and comfortable options that harness forward-thinking sports technology to give women boosts in comfort and athleticism. The designers positioned the heel lower than the ball of the foot in order to engage the core, legs and backside. Therefore, SpringBoost walking shoes give women a subtle workout with each step they take, resulting in toned stems, as well as bettered flexibility and circulation. Plus, these healthy designs provide comfort-inducing features like EVA midsoles, breathable mesh and leather uppers and the ability to insert your own orthotic insoles. Orthotic Shop is proud of offer a choice of sneakers or sandals from SpringBoost shoes, both which are available for great prices, as well as free shipping and returns.