Springboost Fitting

It is very important that you are fitted correctly with the SpringBoost, so as to best benefit from the shoe's pioneering dorsiflexion and energy plate technology.

Ideally you want some room for your toes since the construction of the shoe is exaggerating your toe-off movement. At the same time you want both of your feet to be securely locked into your shoes. Your toes will need less room in SpringBoost physiological footwear compared to conventional shoes, but there still should not be any major contact between the tips of your toes and the front of your SpringBoost. The natural rolling movement over the dorisiflexion apparatus will cause the foot to initially slip backwards, not forwards, as in conventional shoes; before it springs forward over the energy plat in the forefoot.

Since the function of the SpringBoost is to enhance your entire foot-strike activity, this causes more movement (and need for more precise fitting) than in most regular shoes.

So how can we get you the correct fit if you are not able to visit our store? and/or if you are not completely confident in the recommendation of another store or online source? Very simple -- just follow the next four steps and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our fitting technique:


Next print out the Men's or Women's size chart below * (make sure you use the correct one!), follow the instructions and carefully measure both feet. If you feel confident about your shoe size at this point, proceed with your shopping (keeping in mind whether you are looking for a regular or a wider fitting shoe). If you feel you still need more assistance, please proceed with step 3.

* Please be sure your printer is set to print at 100% to ensure the chart prints at the correct size.


Trace both of your feet as accurately as possible. You may want to trace them directly on the size chart provided (or on separate pieces of regular paper -- which ever suits you best). Also if you want to: you can include with your information what size you are in other athletic/sport shoes which you consider to be a good fit for your feet (for example Brooks Adrenaline US Women's 8.5 B).

Please write your full name, telephone number and e-mail on each sheet as well as you best estimation of your foot size and fax this through to +1.800.762.3097 or e-mail it to contact (at) OrthoticShop.com. We will then contact you with a recommendation on which styles and size would be best suited for your physiological and/or athletic performance enhancement footwear needs.


If you are not familiar with the US sizing terminology please use the following chart to assist you with your online fitting:

Men's Size Equivalents:      Women's Size Equivalents:

Size: Inches:      Size: Inches:
 6  9 1/4"       4  8 3/16"
 6.5  9 7/16"       4.5  8 3/8"
 7  9 5/8"       5  8 1/2"
 7.5  9 3/4"       5.5  8 3/4"
 8  9 7/16"       6  8 7/8"
 8.5 10 1/8"       6.5  9 1/16"
 9 10 1/4"       7  9 1/4"
 9.5 10 7/16"       7.5  9 3/8"
10 10 9/16"       8  9 1/2"
10.5 10 3/4"       8.5  9 11/16"
11 10 15/16"       9  9 7/8"
11.5 11 1/8"       9.5 10"
12 11 1/4"      10 10 3/16"
13 11 9/16"      10.5 10 5/16"
14 11 7/8"      11 10 1/2"
15 12 3/16"      11.5 10 11/16"
16 12 1/2"      12 10 7/8"


SpringBoost Fitting

When you try on your SpringBoosts for the first time (depending on the activity category of the shoe) it is important to consider that you will have either two or three different insoles options of different degrees of angles/heights (DORSI U-CONTROL SYSTEM). Depending on which insoles you choose to use, this will influence the angle at which you execute your foot-strike; your DOSIFLEXION.

This pioneering technology pretty much gives you the opportunity to customize your own individual settings on your footwear. As a result you are really either utilizing two or three different shoes in one.

In most cases SpringBoost users start with the lower angle/height of DORSIFLEXION and move through the different options provided over a period of weeks or months depending on how comfortable they feel with the enhancement of the next level of DORSIFLEXION. For certain foot and body types however, SpringBoost users will immediately experience a better fit and therefore enhanced comfort and function in the middle or higher DORSI numbered insoles.

There is no general solution on which DORSI insoles are best suited for any given individual's foot and body type or which are best suited for the activity of their choice. The unique benefit of the DORSI technology is that it provides a substantial element of fine-tuning for both the performance of the shoe as well as the fit; something completely new in footwear technology.

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