SmartToes Toe Stretchers
SmartToes Toe Stretchers SmartToes with Case SmartToes speads and aligns your toes. Results after Two Weeks SmartToes were featured in Shape Magazine Video for Smart Toes - Toe Straightener for Hammertoes & Bunions

SmartToes™ Toe Stretcher & Straightener: Alleviate Bunions, Hammer Toe & Plantar Fasciitis. Align Toes & Feet. Ultimate Relief For Stressed Out Feet! Fast, Free shipping for US customers. Get 20% off of the SmartToes when you purchase two or more. Plus upgraded Priority Shipping.

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SmartToes Toe Straightener

As seen in Shape magazine: "After wearing SmartToes nightly for a few weeks, my toes looked straighter and felt stronger."

Do you wear shoes which by the end of the day leave your toes and feet all squished up and unhappy? You’re risking plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, and other inconvenient and unsightly foot problems. SmartToesTM Toe Stretchers’ unique design with an extended base will help straighten and align your toes and feet, stretch your Achilles Tendon, as well as re-energize your entire body!SmartToes Are The Ultimate Toe Stretcher & Exerciser. This is a unisex product; one size fits all and there is one pair in a handy travel case.The breakthrough design will help alleviate foot pain and promote overall fitness and wellness. By simply wearing your SmartToes, you are stretching your feet and toes and increasing your flexibility. Unlike conventional toe stretchers, SmartToes are designed to provide you with the freedom of movement.SmartToes help improve posture, stretch Achilles tendon and strengthens joints.To get started, moisten your SmartToes with warm water. Stretch the SmartToes around your foot with the big toe going into the bigger end. The more you wear them, the faster you will see and feel results. Start with a five-minute session and gradually increase the amount of time you wear your SmartToes. You may feel a slight tension in your muscles. This means you’re working some muscle groups that may have been previously neglected, and SmartToes are on the job. You are immediately strengthening your feet, toes and ankles, as well as promoting overall fitness and wellness.SmartToes are made of the highest quality medical grade gel and are hypo-allergenic and latex free. SmartToes come in a handy carrying case and are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. To clean, simply wash with soap and warm water.


Features & Benefits of SmartToes Toe Straightener:

  • Ultimate Relief For Stressed Out Feet!
  • Align Toes and Feet.
  • Increase Circulation & Flexibility.
  • Relieve Hammer Toe, Bunions & Plantar Fasciitis
  • Alleviate Pain Caused By Uncomfortable Shoes
  • Comes with two, one for each foot!
  • Buy more and save! Get 20% off of the SmartToes when you purchase two or more. Plus upgraded Priority Shipping

How to use Smart Toes:

At the end of a long day, put your dogs in these toe stretchers for a few minutes, and it’s said to help straighten and align your toes and feet, and stretch your achilles tendon. Kind of similar to what you put your toes in to dry them after a pedi, it’s kind of uncomfortable at first. And the first few times you use it, you can only have your toes in for a few minutes without it feeling really uncomfortable. But, as you work up to it and stretch them out after a few uses, you can leave them in there for 10+ minutes and even walk around in them. Like whoa. And they really do work. Although they feel strange on, as soon as you take SmartToes off, your feet get a rush of energy and just feel good. Kind of like runner’s high, but for your tootsies. I know it sounds weird, but it’s true.

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Smart Toes - Toe Straightener for Hammertoes & Bunions by Smart Thingz

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2.33 out of 5 stars
Review comment Takes some time to put on. Only used 1-2 weeks. Not sure if it will improve function or not, yet.
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