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Smart Thingz

Smart Thingz

As an up and coming health and fitness brand, Smart Thingz products have captured the imagination of the foot health and wellness industry. With that in mind, Orthotic Shop proudly carries company's most renowned products, including the Smart Toes and Smart Sole inserts.

Smart Toes are an ideal podiatric remedy for those in need of an effective hammertoe straightener. Simply slide the product into your shoe for a boost of energy, enhanced toe alignment and muscle/tendon stretching especially the Achilles. Avoid that bunched up, uncomfortable feeling in your footwear with Smart Toes.

Similarly, the Smart Sole should be worn by everyone who works out. Period. This exercise insole provides a level of cushioning and support that will help keep your feet, lower limbs and joints healthy while partaking in any level of physical activity. Pick up your foot care products at Orthotic Shop today for the most trusted names on the market!

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