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At Orthotic Shop, we want to bring you the cheapest prices on orthopedic footwear and accessories so that you can walk comfortably. Browse our selection of discount orthotics from some of the top brands like Vionic Orthaheel, or stock up on HeathForce Supplements at prices you won’t find anywhere else. From non-toxic nail polish to shoe care kits, we offer a variety of hard-to-find shoe prices at some of the lowest rates. For even greater savings, register your email for a chance to win a free pair of orthopedic inserts as well as gain access to exclusive coupon codes, only from Orthotic Shop. Check out the many cheap orthotics and footwear products available to order today!

Vionic Orthaheel Sale Items And Clearance 93 Products
  SKU Product Our Price
DRC-5120-W-08.0 Dr. Comfort Easy Men's Slippers $64.95 (Save 13%)
DRC-5310-W-08.0 Dr. Comfort Collin Men's Supportive Orthotic Sandals $64.95 (Save 13%)
DRC-1230-W-07.0 Dr. Comfort Cuddle Women's Slippers $64.95 (Save 13%)
DRC-1310-W-06.0 Dr. Comfort Shannon Women's Orthotic Support Sandals $59.00 (Save 21%)
DRC-5220-W-07.0 Dr. Comfort Relax Men's Slippers $65.99 (Save 12%)
DRC-1130-W-06.0 Dr. Comfort Cozy Women's Slippers $64.95 (Save 13%)
DRC-9110-M-08.0 Dr. Comfort Carter Men's Washable Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-9410-M-06.0 Dr. Comfort Ranger Men's Work Boots $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-6110-M-08.5 Dr. Comfort William X Men's Double Depth Casual Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-4910-XW-05.5 Dr. Comfort Annie X Women's Double Depth Casual Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-7920-M-08.0 Dr. Comfort Ruk Men's Dress Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-3925-M-04.0 Dr. Comfort Refresh Women's Athletic Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-7610-X-08.0 Dr. Comfort Performance Men's Athletic Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-77710-W-07.5 Dr. Comfort Jason Men's Athletic Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-4510-M-05.5 Dr. Comfort Annie Women's Casual Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-5710-M-08.0 Dr. Comfort Winner Men's Casual Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-2510-M-05.0 Dr. Comfort Vigor Women's Work Boots $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-3440-M-04.0 Dr. Comfort Victory Women's Athletic Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-8510-X-07.5 Dr. Comfort Patrick Men's Casual Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-5410-W-12.0 Dr. Comfort Connor Men's Supportive Slide Sandals $64.95 (Save 13%)
DRC-0810-A-08.0 Dr. Comfort Breeze Women's Orthopedic Sandals $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-8310-M-08.0 Dr. Comfort Wing Men's Dress Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-2950-M-04.0 Dr. Comfort Refresh X Women's Double Depth Casual Shoe $139.00 (Save 20%)
DRC-9310-W-08.0 Dr. Comfort Protector Men's Work Boots $169.00 (Save 20%)