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Dr. Comfort Ruk Men's Dress Shoe

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Apr 17, 2019

Beautiful shoe but just needed it in a wide size 12

Advantages: Speedy delivery

Disadvantages: No 12 wides available
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Daniel Koch

Feb 24, 2022

I bought these shoes because my feet are flat, and I mean BOARD flat. I have a job that requires me to be on my feet all day, and of course I have related foot pain. I have tried numerous orthotics specifically for flat feet before and they always had an exaggerated arch support that caused my arches to cramp. I was very much hoping these shoes would somehow circumvent this dilemma, but unfortunately the orthotics in these shoes were exactly like others I had previously purchased. I tried them for several days and by the end of my work day, I could barely walk on them. I started experimenting around by buying several different orthotics and inserting them in the shoes and wearing them all day at work, and the closest I've come to all-day comfort is a set of "Soft Comfort" everyday gel inserts from Walmart with only a mild arch support (two inserts in each shoe stacked one on top the other to take up most of the same space required by the other orthotics). Please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with the orthotics that came with these shoes, or that they wouldn't be right for many other people. I'm only saying they weren't right for me. That is the ONLY reason for a 4-star rating. Otherwise, the shoes are very well made and of extremely high quality. They required almost no break-in period, and the service from the Orthotic Shop was extremely fast! FYI, these shoes require some sort of orthotic insert. Otherwise, they would be entirely too big for your foot at a given size. The good news is that if you already have a favorite orthotic insert, you can easily replace the ones that come with the shoes. Other than the flat foot thing which may be entirely unique to me, I would highly recommend these shoes and the Orthotic Shop to anyone!

Advantages: Extremely fast service, high build quality, comfortable fit, use your favorite orthotic inserts.

Disadvantages: Orthotics that come with the shoes may not be right for you. Some sort of orthotic is required for proper fit. I guess you would expect that from a store called "The Orthotic Shop"!
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