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PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Bottom Shoes

PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Bottom Shoes

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PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Shoes - Black - 11632
PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Shoes - Black - 11632 PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Shoes - Brown - 31632 PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Shoes - Tan - 51632

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Product Description

PW Minor Jasper Stability Rocker Bottom Sole Shoes - Mens - Quality rocker sole construction - available extra wide width - removable insoles - Free Shipping

PW Minor Jasper Rocker Shoes

P.W. Minor's Jasper is part of their Stable Rocker Collection. This Men's PW Minor Rocker Bottom shoes feature a new core technology which is the “gem” of the line and represents a significant evolution in shoe construction. P.W. Minor's goal was simple when making their stability rocker shoes: to help people walk more easily. PW Minor did not want to create an ‘instability’, or get into ‘toning’ muscles. They just wanted to create a shoe to simply “roll” you through the gait/walking cycle.

PW Minor's Rocker Bottom outsole profile is lower than most shoes in the category, and research shows you won’t change stride length with their shoes so you feel more stable. The proprietary design offloads the heel and the forefoot while rolling you onto the next step, just like the Geta sandal from Japan, which is the inspiration for the design.

A combination of lace and strap patterns creates an active lifestyle collection. Distinctive p.w. minor features are included such as long inside counters, proportional asymmetrical collar heights, additional depth to accommodate orthotics, easy-on/easy-off patterns, top quality construction, and board lasting, just to mention a few.

Features of the PW Minor Jasper Men's Stable Rocker Bottom Casual Shoes:

The outsole is made up of five components

  • The Strike Pad - The cushioned strike pad in the heel– a low density PU heel pad placed deep in the heel of the midsole making for a very gentle touch down at heel strike. This heel pad cushions and deflects upon heel strike helping to “offload” the heel while the body moves forward, “rolling” onto the mid-foot.
  • The Geta ShankTM – a high density, rigid, injection molded nylon shank is placed in the midsole. The Geta ShankTM is designed to support the foot through the mid-foot stance phase of the gait cycle. While rolling over the rocker, the mid-foot
    and arch area are completely supported, removing force from the heel and forefoot.
  • Increased Toe Spring – the forefoot has considerable toe spring helping to create “roll off” from the mid-foot and offloading the forefoot. This helps to prepare and roll the foot into the next step.
  • EVA Midsole – the entire unit is supported by a compression molded EVA midsole chassis. The EVA midsole is a medium density EVA that is used to support and cushion the foot from heel to toe.
  • Rubber Outsole – a compression molded rubber outsole provides traction and abrasion resistance. The sole is designed to have full ground contact with moderately aggressive tread.

Inside: The inside of the shoe is lined with a comfortable and breathable unique lining system.

  • Inlay – our full length, single density polyurethane inlay with Dri-Lex® Ultimate Suede top cover provides moisture management and breathability with cushioned comfort.
    • Removable Inlay allows the use of custom made orthotics.
  • Lining –The lining is Green. It’s Dri-Lex® ECO Aston which is made from post consumer waste. The heel pocket has Ultimate Suede which also helps secure the heel
  • Uppers – PW Minor used premium full grain, tumbled leather in all the uppers. Plump, tumbled 1.6-1.8mm leather provides a durable, comfortable fit. Elastic gore inserts are anatomically placed around key areas to provide a dynamic fit making the shoes more comfortable during use.
  • Coded A5500 for reimbursement under Medicare as diabetic footwear. (The Orthotic Shop does not handle medicare claims).

Available Colors:
11632 Black

Available Shoe Width
Available Shoe Sizes
Medium (D)
7-13, 14, 15
Wide (2E)
7-13, 14, 15
Extra-Wide (3E)
7-13, 14, 15

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